KNO demands ‘reason’ from NSCN-IM for killing 10 KLA cadres

Dimapur, September 6 (MExN): Following the gunning down of 10 KLA cadres by the NSCN-IM, the Kuki National Organization (KNO) has today demanded the reason for the killing. 

As per the news reports, ‘a mere tussle over pressurizing a jeep owner warranted shooting down the KLA cadres’ but this categorically contradicts to the version of two KLA survivors stated Stephen Kuki, Under secretary, Information and Publicity, KNO in a press statement. According to the surviving cadres, KLA had gone to Tangkhul Hundung village upon the invitation of Kuki Revolutionary Army and their stay at Tangkhul Hundung village was arranged and organised by the KRA, which already has an established relationship with NSCN (IM) stated Stephen. “After two day’s stay at the village, both KLA and NSCN (IM) cadres traveled on two vehicles. They were headed to Ukhrul to meet with the NSCN (IM) top brass in order to finalize and formalize KLA’s links, similar to the status enjoyed by KRA and United Kuki Liberation Front. The KLA cadres were lodged in one vehicle, while the commanding officer of NSCN (IM) was seated with his cadres in the other. While stopping to fill fuel, the NSCN (IM) guards fired upon the KLA cadres seated inside the vehicle and killed 10 of them in cold blood” stated Stephen Kuki in a press statement.  

“The memories of over 900 Kukis (mainly children, women and the elderly) being slaughtered, over 359 villages uprooted and thousands rendered refugees from 1992-1997 has not dimmed,” however, for the sake of the shared Christian faith by Kukis and Nagas, KNO wishes to look forward to a state of peaceful coexistence, he further stated. The incident of 10 KLA cadres mowed down by NSCN (IM) in cold blood, however, adds salt to the wound earlier inflicted upon Kukis, even though aided and abetted by the KRA for their personal gain, which patently is favoured by NSCN (IM) Stephen stated. 

While stating that it is also unfortunate that the United Peoples’ Front, which acknowledges that KLA is a member group of the organisation, tolerates membership of those linked with NSCN (IM) he stated and further reminded that KNO awaits an ‘official declaration from NSCN (IM) and appropriate measures to remedy their dastardly act’.