Kohima citizens suggest ideas to ease ever increasing traffic jam

Part 1

• Build more free and charged parking zones

• Car pooling while going to work

• Install CCTV to assist traffic managers

• Colonies can utililse empty spaces for parking  

Chizokho Vero
Kohima | November 23  

With the festive season approaching, traffic jam has been increasing in the state capital Kohima.  

The Morung Express interacted with a number of citizens for their suggestions on how to ease traffic jam and congestion in Kohima town.  

Sharing his personal observation, Atu Zumvu highlighted that the hours between 6 am and 10 am is usually very busy as people go to work place or school.  

Afternoon rush hours occur between 1pm till 4pm because people use to leave school and work place to return back home.  

The late evening/night rush hour usually begins from 5-10 pm as the Manipur bound lorries carrying commodities passes through the heart of Kohima town while on the other hand, the empty trucks go down towards Dimapur during the same timing.  

Kohima being the state capital, regular movements of VIPs/VVIPs are very frequent where top priorities are given to them to reach their destination on time thus disrupting the normal flow of traffic.  

Zumvu suggested that to reduce traffic congestions in Kohima town, resident parking zones at highway stretch and approach roads in colonies should be extended, narrow roads should be widened, build new ring roads, build more free and charged parking zones and add more bus lanes.  

He also opined that to regulate traffic efficiently in the town, modern and sophisticated initiatives can be introduced. He suggested the use of optimized traffic lights at traffic island and intersection etc can be very effective in maximizing road capacity by varying the timing of traffic lights to match demand in real time.  

He further proposed the use of CCTV to monitor road conditions and traffic violation by enforcing existing traffic rules. “I believe car pooling while going to work would greatly minimize traffic jams. And also responsible parking should be practiced,” said Keren Rose.  

She said that it would greatly help if one can write phone number and stick it on the windshield of their vehicle while double parking, adding “it is very frustrating when some drivers double park and don't return for hours.”  

Lezo Putsure opined that the use of CCTV can help allow traffic managers to see breakdowns, collisions and other causes of congestion.  

Combined with good communication systems apart from wireless communications can ensure traffic managers to receive advance warning of issues that will impact their network, he said.  

He further suggested that each traffic points should follow the same time space for vehicles to pass and pause. This will help vehicles to keep in same motion which is essential to the equation of motion of each vehicle.  

Putsure also suggested that hourly parking rates are important since people pay Rs.10 and park the whole day while 3-4 colonies within the same location can get together and use empty ground/spaces for parking. Through this, they can charge a monthly fee and also provide cleaning and security for the owners.