KU seeks justification from NSCN-IM

Morung Express News
Dimapur | January 19

The Konyak Union, the apex body of the Konyak community has written to the Collective Leadership of the NSCN (IM) seeking justification for what it termed as “the serial killing” of innocent people from the Konyak community while pointing out that the killing of Late Pongjei and Late Phopa at Kohima on January 13 by NSCN (IM) cadres has “added salt to the old wounds”.

According to informed sources, the KU in a letter signed by its President Tingnyei Konyak and General Secretary Naowang Konyak has appealed to the Collective Leadership to clarify what it termed as “the deliberate killing of innocent Konyaks and hand over the culprits to the union”.

“If your authority fails to take immediate action on this matter, then the KU shall not be blamed for any unwanted situation outcome”, the representation addressed to the Collective Leadership reportedly states.

Condemning the brutal murder of innocent public in the strongest term, the KU in its representation pointed out that such inhuman act was a “mastermind of criminals with a view to terrorize the public”. In its address, the KU reportedly wanted to know whether such killings against the innocent Konyaks were being carried out with or without the consent of the collective leadership while reminding that besides the two youths killed in the recent past, several other innocent public from the community were killed by the NSCN (IM).

Making it clear that the Konyak community had no enmity towards any political organization or factional groups, the KU expressed concern that some of the killings had taken place in the presence of NSCN (IM) leaders, Isak Chishi Swu and Th Muivah in Nagaland and therefore the two could not escape from being witnesses to these criminal acts.

Telling the Collective Leadership that the Konyaks can no longer bear such ill-treatment and acts of targeting civilian’s lives in the name of the freedom movement, the KU demanded that unless the “culprits were brought into the light of justice”, it will not compromise.

Reminding that the Konyaks as a community did not have any involvement in factional fighting and that it had no “particular opinion on their different ideologies”, the KU asserted that it will stand strongly against acts of terrorism such as killing people, threatening people and creating havoc in our society in the name of freedom fighters.