Land dispute settled, peace accord stone dedicated

Our Correspondent
Parashen | December 29

The long felt need for peaceful and amicable settlement of land dispute between Sendenyu and Phenshünyu villages under Tseminyu sub-division of Kohima district has became a reality with the dedication of a Peace Accord stone here today.

A peace accord stone was dedicated today at Parashen by Rev. Tenga Seb, executive secretary of the Council of Rengma Baptist Churches (CRBC), and affirmation of the decision by subscription of pledge to uphold peace forever was taken by the village authorities of Sendenyu, New Sendenyu, Thongsünyu and Phenshünyu, Khenyu, Rümesinyu.

Parliamentary secretary for horticulture & cooperation, R Khing, Commissioner of Nagaland, H K Khulu, IAS, and several others spoke on the occasion. The Sendenyu and Phenshunyu Land Settlement Committee said that since olden days, Sendenyu, Thongsünyu and Phenshünyu were one and existed together, and Phenshünyu village had migrated from Thongsünyu village. However, a land dispute arose between Sendenyu and Phenshünyu villages. The first recorded judgment was passed by C R Pawsey, the then Deputy Commissioner, Naga Hills, in 1921 followed by J H Hutton, the then Deputy Commissioner, Naga Hills, in 1934. However, both the villages rejected the decisions. Thereafter, several attempts made by various organisations at settling the dispute also met with failure.

While such was the state of affairs, on March 22, 1956, the first Naga National Flag was hoisted by the Federal Govt. of Nagaland at Parashen, placing on record that the Flag was hoisted in the land of Phenshünyu village which was then objected to by Sendenyu Village, since they also claimed ownership of the land where the said Flag was hoisted. Consequently, the dispute continued with renewed armed clashes till as late as 2001.

With a view towards bringing about a permanent settlement to the longstanding land dispute, the Sendenyu Tegwenkinyu Union (Sendenyu, New Sendenyu & Thongsünyu Outsiders’ Union) and PKR Nezen (Phenshünyu, Khenyu & Rümesinyu Outsiders’ Union) formed a Land Settlement Committee with its first meeting held on September 17, 2005.

Consequently, empowerment to take decision on the issue was vested with the Committee by the Village Councils. After a series of deliberations and on the spot physical verification of the entire disputed area, a landmark decision was taken by the Committee to declare the Flag hoisting location and its surrounding areas as a common property with joint ownership over the land.

The function was chaired by Dr. S Kemp, while a brief account was given by Shwenhilo Keppen.