A letter on World Environment Day – 5th June 2011

For members of Nagaland Adolescent Girls Club only
From the desk of Secretary, Nagaland State Social Welfare Board

Dear Girls,
I am so happy to be writing to you on the occasion of the World Environment Day. As you know, the 5th of June 2011 is kept aside every year to remind us all of the urgent need to protect our environment. This year, the theme is “Forests - Nature At Your Service”. It means that our jungles and forests are necessary for us to live. They provide clean air. They cool our earth and also brings rains. If our forests are all destroyed, we will all die. We must protect and help our forests grow.
Last month I had gone to one of the district. On my way, we saw mountains upon mountains without trees. They were barren. All the trees had been cut down.
As members of the Nagaland Adolescent Girls Club, you can protect the environment – the trees, the rivers, the air and wildlife. It is also our duty. Some of you may say, ‘we are too young and no one will listen to us’. But, you are wrong. There are things you can do. For example:
•    Your club can plant and protect trees in your school compound or at home.
•    You can talk to your parents or neighbors about the importance of protecting our forests.  
•    You can enact a play on protection of forests and wildlife, or give speeches too.
•    You can discourage your brothers or the boys in your locality from hunting or fishing.

And I am sure that you can think of many other things to do! Let me end by telling you a story:
Once upon a time, there was a little grey planet that was very sad. The people living there did not look after their planet even though they were very clever. They had spacecrafts and many scientific inventions. But, the rivers and the whole countryside had been made very dirty. There were no plants or animals left.
One day, a little girl was walking by when she saw a small red flower inside a cave. The flower was very sick and was dying. So the little girl dug up the flower and looked for a place to plant it. But, the whole planet was so dirty and full of poisonous things, garbage and chemicals. Then she looked up at the sky and saw the moon. She thought that the moon might be the best place for the flower to grow.
So the little girl put on her astronaut suit, and climbed into a space ship. She took the little red flower and off they went to the moon. There she planted the little red flower. She visited it everyday and looked after it. They moon was clean and the flower started growing happily. Later, other flowers started growing from the seeds and soon they spread all around.  Before long, the whole moon was completely covered with pretty little red flowers.
That's why, whenever the little red flowers open up, for a few minutes the moon becomes a little reddish in color. Maybe these little red flowers are telling us that if we don't look after our planet, a day will come when flowers will only be able to grow on the moon.
For most of you, your exams have started or approaching. Study hard and do well in your exams.
Excel! Shine! And ‘Live The Promise’.
With love
Mrs. Daisy Mezhür