Life is… to Enjoy!

REMEMBER the sheer joy of waking up to find all your loved ones well and alive and kicking to see another dawn? The pure smile of joy that begins in our hearts and reaches the crinkled corners of our eyes transforming our face to one of radiance when we behold the amazing array of colours of every bud and bloom surrounding us at springtime? The pleasure we feel at the brush of gentle autumn wind on our face and hair that are made askew beyond any kind of taming as we stroll cocooned inside the exploding colours of Naga shawl? The elation in completing a difficult task? Joy in doing something selfless… feeding the poor, listening patiently to old people yap for hours, helping the old and the blind to cross the road? Joy at knowing you were honest about something you normally would have lied about? Joy in getting admission in your choice of college? Singing and dancing away to healthy music? Joy at seeing a baby’s gurgle, toothless smile, first step? Joy we feel at being one with fellow believers and having fun at community gathering and functions? Joy at the prospect of digging into the foul pungent smelling “axone”-based meat dish but which is delectably glorious to our taste buds? The happiness we feel at family get-together and enjoying a simple meal? The beauty of the golden laced sunrise and sunset in the wee hours of the morning and late evening taking our breath away... etc... but above all, the joy in having a quiet time with God and pouring yourself in His word.…simple things yet abundantly rich in giving pure joy to young and old alike. Do you remember?

But today, we are so intricately interwoven with the lifestyles and demands of this fast-paced world that we miss out on the sheer joy of being alive to enjoy our birthright. One of the many reasons God has created us is to live and enjoy life his way. Not only do we forget to smile with gratitude to God for His gift of new batch of grace every morning, we also mistake “joy” for enjoyment that are beyond God’s list of fun and joy. We are sucked in the lifestyles of the world. Instead of enjoying the healthy things that God has provided for mankind, we seek joy in ways that are not pleasing to Him. Parties (I am not an exception here), gambling, pornography, drugs, alcohol, smoking pots, gossiping (not an exception here either), bribing etc has become the fountain of our joy and pleasure. We are missing out on morality, kindness, humanity and living in harmony with mankind.

What we don’t realize is that we are abusing God’s grace and disrespecting Him in seeking joy and pleasure in places and things He deems “not good for my children”. (I realize this now as I continue to deepen my relationship with Christ) The exotic lifestyle the world presents to mankind comes with a temporary happiness but permanent side effects that entice us so easily. At the end of the day we are far removed from God’s presence that leaves us empty and discontented. Eventually it only serves to prevent God’s blessings on us (by the way He has heaps of gifts of blessings wrapped up beautifully for anyone who wants …provided we live obedient to Him). But hang on! God is certainly not a killjoy. He created us to enjoy life (Genesis 1: 27-31) Yes, there is nothing better than to enjoy life and have a good time (Ecclesiastes 8: 15). Life is too short to waste away to rut-filled pleasures of the world. We must grab every opportunity to enjoy life and have a good time so long as it is pleasing and right in His eyes. Yet never leave sight of the fact that we must also learn to find joy in the midst of even the most difficult times – Joy in knowing that He holds our all and is with us at all times. 

Life is a beautiful gift from God. How we live is our gift to Him. Enjoy every moment with the knowledge that… “Respect and obey god! This is what life is all about. God will judge everything we do even what is done in secret, whether good or bad.” (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 CEV) That is life. A life worthy of Christ’s sacrifice. A life that pleases our Almighty Father and brings a smile to His face. That is living!

Imonenla Imkong