Life under quarantine: An inside view

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Atono Tsükrü Kense
Kohima | June 3 

The unprecedented crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone and brought along with it a number of experiences- both good and bad. While it has affected some people harder than the rest, there are also stories which inspire positivity especially in times like these when governments and citizens are struggling to combat the disease.

In Nagaland, there have been numerous complaints, negativity and criticism from various quarters about almost everything. Amidst the disorder and confusion, The Morung Express brings some stories of experiences from inside the quarantine centres.


‘Grateful for the hospitality’

Vekukho Swuro, a young student from Ahmednagar College in Maharashtra, reached the state on May 26 and is currently in a quarantine centre. Sharing his experience, Swuro said he is “happy and feeling blessed with the hospitality that is shown towards me.”

He posted a positive message on the social media which read, “At first I thought it wouldn't be comfortable and a boredom. But on reaching Dimapur, the banner with the bold letter 'WELCOME HOME', warmed my heart after a long and tiring journey (Sic).”

For him, the well cleaned rooms, the arrangements made so that they could bathe with hot water, and other details that were carefully looked into was a clear indication that “they have worked hard to make it feel like home.”

Already in his ninth day at the QC, Swuro said, “the best thing is now, we eagerly wait for our food wondering about the items and the Bible verse inscribed for each one of us. I wonder how they go through all the trouble of preparing so many items.”

Expressing his gratitude to workers, volunteers, doctors and the government for tirelessly making all efforts to take care of the returnees, Swuro poignantly expressed, “it makes me realise that there are still good people out there despite the challenges and risk, extending humanitarian work towards others.”

He also thanked his family members, friends and churches for their continuous spiritual help and support, lifting the ‘spirit and giving hope’ to the people at these difficult times. “May the good works prevail through this land in serving one another with love not only in this pandemic but even in the days to come,” was his prayer and message for the people of the Nagaland.


56 days in quarantine 

Sharing a rather amusing experience, twenty-year old John (name changed) who was engaged in hotel management in Chennai said he spent a total of 56 days in various quarantine centres in Guwahati, Dimapur as well as his village.

Narrating his experience, John said he landed in Guwahati from Chennai on March 24 along with his friends and checked in a paid guest house for two days. On getting information about the arrangement being in the Nagaland Patient House, (NPH) Guwahati quarantine centre, they moved in on March 27 and stayed there 46 days till May 13.

He reached Dimapur Agri Expo on May 14 by a government arranged bus, where he was quarantined for five days till May 20, and then shifted to the village arranged quarantine centre for another 14 days. His  final 14 days quarantine will be over on June 4.

Sharing his experiences, John said his quarantine days were boring as his phone was not working. However, he has no qualms about it as he spent his days introspecting about life, and how grateful he is to be back ‘to the soil of his land.’

“I can’t understand why people keep on complaining about the facilities in the QC. Of course, I faced some problems, but it is not right to complain on everything that is being provided by the government,” remarked John.

He appreciated the government and the people for trying its best to facilitate stranded people like him. While pointing out “there are people who have been kicked out of their rented homes with nowhere to go,” John stated, “I am grateful that I have a place to stay and food on my table to sustain me.” 

John is delighted that he can finally go back home and meet his family tomorrow.


Worried about exams in July

A student who reached Dimapur from Guwahati on May 15 and is currently in a government facility said she is worried about her exam which is scheduled in the month of July.

However, even after completion of 14-days institutional quarantine, there is no word or information on when she is supposed to leave. “I have finished my 14 days and still there is no information regarding when I can be sent to my district,” said the student.

According to her, as per the latest SOP, they should be sent to their respective districts for further quarantine. She also said her swab sample has been collected but is yet to receive the report.

While it is possible that she is being detained because the test results are pending, she maintained that at least they should be informed. "Since new returnees are coming from red zones, we are worried about our safety as well."

“The only thing that worries me is the preparation for my exam scheduled next month,” she said while adding that if she is sent to her village, she could at least start preparing for the same. “Please send this message to the government,” she requested.