Lingerie model says SHE dumped Prince Harry because of his flirting

Prince Harry was dumped by girlfriend Florence Brudenell-Bruce because she couldn’t stand his flirting with other girls. The pretty lingerie model, an ex of ­Formula 1 star Jenson Button, has told friends she ended the relationship because she couldn’t see a future with the prince. Previously royal sources had claimed Harry dumped HER because he didn’t want to be tied down.
A source close to Florence, 25, nicknamed Flee, said: “She felt he had a wandering eye all the time and she wasn’t really into not knowing who he was flirting with or ­talking to when they were apart. So she ended it. She didn’t want to carry on in a relationship that wasn’t going to go anywhere. Call it a summer fling. They both enjoyed themselves but Flee wasn’t interested in taking things further.”
Things came to a head when the couple went to the upmarket Kimberley music festival in Norfolk last month. The source continued: “At one point Harry was in an area of the festival known as the Tractor Shed flirting with another pretty blonde. Flee saw he was chatting to her and got very jealous and disappointed.”
Then Harry, 26, was spotted ­surrounded by bikini-clad girls a fortnight ago in Majorca. He had gone to the island after a friend’s wedding while Flee stayed in the UK. Harry and Flee, who are distant cousins, got together after he finally split from on-off girlfriend Chelsy Davy in May. Both girls went to posh Stowe School in Buckinghamshire.
Despite their split, Harry is still friends with Flee and pals say they wouldn’t be surprised if they continue to see each other from time to time. “Harry did it with Chelsy for years,” the source added. “He is never nasty when things come to an end. He wasn’t even worried that she stopped the relationship and essentially he was dumped. He will see Flee a lot on the party circuit with his friends so it’s better there isn’t any bad blood. In a few years’ time when Harry is ready to settle maybe things could work. But Flee wouldn’t sit around and wait all that time.”