Little story about Assam Rifle from a “Layman”

Much has been said and much has been written about Assam Rifles of Nagaland “Friends of hill people” and this has been proved exactly according to the works discharging by them.

Every morning in a sweet mood after the sweet night-dream I get up for the day’s harsh duties after my sister with her sweet voice ask me to wake up Ata…. ‘z’ Ata ‘z’…..pandiya newspaper yitakma with the sweet dream in my memory in a fresh mood, I will first go through the newspaper from the first page to the last and what only impressive headings I can see in the local newspaper are the headings like “Assam Rifle appreciated”,” Assam Rifle lauded”, “Students union grateful to Assam rifle”, “Assam Rifle donated”, “Assam Rifle constructed”, “Thankful to Assam rifle” etc .Is all these not the prove of the motto “Friends of the hill people”. Is all the good works doing by them signify that they are committed to work for the welfare of the Nagas? Is all this didn’t deserve an appreciation? When such people are committed for our welfare, we should also pray for them to save them from all evils, because in return we have nothing to repay but prayer and appreciation alone with all our depth.

When someone’s appreciation came through the press, everyone can simply know that it has been an appreciation from the deepest of the deepest of heart. When one is unable to express their gratefulness they express it through the press letting all the people know of their great works. How people must be appreciating these men deep in their heart?

There must have also been many appreciation goes un-press because many people who live in remote villages cannot come to the press.

Therefore, counting all these appreciation I have in my heart considered this “Assam Rifles” as ‘Second God’ next to “heavenly God”. I will and we will hope and believe that the saviour ‘Assam Rifle’ will continue to work for the welfare of the Nagas till the universe come to its extinct.

Long live ‘Assam Rifle, the Saviour’.

Zanthungo Yanthan