Looking at the number of retired bureaucrats joining politics, do you agree there should be a “cooling-off period” between a bureaucrat’s retirement and contesting elections? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. In Nagaland there is new tactic to fighting the elections – pre – preparation for upcoming elections by potential technocrats, bureaucrats and other Govt officers while they are still in office. Thereby, these elite people are getting undue advantage because the clever ones are laying the ground work using or rather misusing their official powers to create a favorable image among the members of their constituency by delivering what is held most important by most of us, the Nagas – job appointments, huge donations while acting as chief guest, laying down of unnecessary foundations for buildings, infrastructures with no rhyme and reason for sustainability. On these grounds, there should indeed be a cooling period and not just that, the Govt servants intending to become politicians should also be forced to give up their retirement benefits. After all, why should they have all the advantages. If it is a person with exceptional virtue it is understandable but otherwise why should a crook be allowed to trick us twice in to different guises in one lifetime. For the sake of justice and transparency, I hope the Govt comes up with a legislation to prevent or atleast to restrict Govt servants from fighting elections while availing the post retirement benefits that are allotted to them, not to speak of the undue advantage of the use of their official powers to prepare their future in politics.  

• Yes. They have been the tool of the govt whether good or bad at their prime and they need to cool down. Instead of joining politics they should be the keeper of the government utilising their knowledge and vast experiences. They are the public voice.  

• Yes. You live life only once.  

• Yes, there should be a cooling of period of 5 years. This will give time for favors done to be forgotten and returned. Also this time period will not allow any favors to be asked or done.  

• Yes. Looted money will not play a role.  

• Yes. The world is for many people. Give others a chance.  

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• Bureaucrats are educated people and they are the ones who uses MLA who are generally uneducated except few. They knew what an MLA should do and how. So if they really care, they can do a lot even in a single term as ministers, if given a chance. So contest when the iron is hot. No cooling period.  

• No, if opportunity comes why wait?  

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Cooling off or Ageing off?