Lost and Gain Policy

There are 365 days in a year, out of which 120 days are holidays declared by the Government of Nagaland, Viz: 52 Saturdays, 52 Sundays plus another 15 days general holidays.

These 120 holidays have no office works, all important urgent papers pending badly affects common people and is facing untold hardship, grieves, and distress particularly students of government educational institutions because the Government Institutions are bound to observe government approval holidays; therefore, academic curriculum syllabus cannot be completed to appear Board examinations but private educational institutions do not observe all holidays and completes its academic curriculum syllabus Board Examination.

It is observed that students of Private Educational Institutions are doing better than students of Government Institutions in all board examinations; HSLC, HSSLC and even higher degree examinations. These 120 holidays ‘No office works’ thereby common people and the students suffer an irreparable loss. Whereas, state government employees are getting much gain like one stone killed 100 birds i.e. ‘Lost and Gain Policy’. 

A saying goes, ‘time is precious, time is money’. If so 120 holidays of no office works in a year, is it money? It is an irreparable lost for government in particular and the common people in general. Lost of wealth may be replaced by industry. Lost of knowledge by study. Lost of health by medicine but lost of precious time is gone forever.

The first president of America George Washington’s Secretary was late by 5 minutes for office time therefore, the President asked his Secretary either you change unpunctuality or change my secretary. The people of western advanced countries understand, ‘time is precious’ accordingly they strictly follow the time.

Backward and under advanced countries people do not understand what punctuality is or what not punctuality is. In India even the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was delayed for 2 hours before she arrived at Kohima state capital on scheduled appointed time on September 24, 1969. As I was one of the delegates from our tribe for reception committee member.

Further it is stated that in Nagaland the population is around 21 lakhs, 90% are Christians therefore they do not enjoy their public holidays other than Christmas Holidays therefore, Christmas holidays should be granted for at least 5 days i.e. 23 -27 December and other holidays like Saturday holidays be Status Quo 2nd and last Saturday. What does ‘No work, No pay’ mean, then 120 holidays. Is it work or no work? The above statement may kindly be scrutinized.

Sr.most citizen, Social worker