Made in DABA: Church empowering young entrepreneurs


Various products put up for sale during the ‘Made in DABA’ 4th edition held in Supermarket, Dimapur on October 2. 


Morung Express News

Dimapur | October 3

In the year 2016, the youth ministry of Dimapur Ao Baptist Church (DABA YM) launched a project under the banner of ‘Made in DABA’ with the initiative of the then youth director, Imnatoshi Longkumer and the youth leaders in office. 
Today the project has grown bigger and better. The 4th Edition of the ‘Made in DABA’ was successfully organized at Supermarket, Dimapur on October 2.

Altogether, 25 aspiring as well as established entrepreneurs came together to display and market various products ranging from ornaments, furniture, food items, painting and art, indigenous products and others. 
Sharing about the dream and objective behind the project, Longkumer says that when he was still the youth director, often during home visitations he would come across young people creating crafts and making things with their own hand. 

“I saw the potentials in many young people. What they needed was the platform and opportunity to advertise their creations outside their homes and translate it into earning. They needed prospect to fulfill greater dreams,” said Longkumer who is now an associate pastor at DABA. 

“I wanted young people to understand the reality of hard work. I wanted them to realize how difficult it is to earn money but at the same time let them also taste the joy of spending their hard earned money,” he said. 

“Another intention behind ‘Made in DABA’ is to encourage innovation and also create a space for youths where they can also become conscious of the prospect for their products. It is basically to platform to create and motivate,” Longkumer stated. 

He said that it is encouraging to see more people looking forward for the project every year.  

‘Made in DABA’ is a Church sponsored project. The Church makes all the arrangements including booking the venue, setting up the tents, organizing the stalls etc. 

“The youth participants just come and sell their products. But now we see that some of the youth come up and request to pay for their tables and stall,” he added. 

Talking about the potential of making the project bigger, Longkumer suggests that DABA can invite other churches to participate in the projects. “It can be a very good platform to encourage and enlighten others.” 

He also added that parents should also come and buy the products. “It will be the greatest motivation and encouragement for young people to have their own parents come and appreciate their efforts.” 

Longkumer also stated that by engaging in such projects, the church is doing greater evangelism. “In future, if someone establishes their venture after taking part in ‘Make in DABA’ or any other such projects, they will be in the capacity to give back. They will feel closer towards the church and it will restrengthen and support the church.” 
 “It is worth investing in our children. We will be blessed when they share their testimony by giving and participating in the church. But most importantly, if we are care, we have to motivate our children,” he said. 

Supplementing more on the project, DABA Youth Director Incharge, Limaakum says that DABA YM is a diversified ministry that aims to reach and administer to all sections, professions and groups of the young people in, within and outside the folds of the visible church. The Church strives towards a ministry that is wholistic and inclusive. 

He says that the response from the entrepreneurs has been good over the years. “The church with prayers and support strive to be the foundation and pillars to the wholistic building up and progress of the youths,” he added.
Ati Nokdir, a free lance painter and artist has been participating in the project for the last three years. He says that “meeting people with different ideas and inspiration is very encouraging.” 

Another participant, Kumzuksangla says that being a part of ‘Made in DABA’ since last year has played a very major role for the voluntary team she is associated with. The charity could sell products they have made in the market through this project.