Main points of the ban on “Indecent Dressing” in Dimapur

For Girls
•    Do not wear bras and panties – they are very indecent.
•    Do not wear Nighties – being thin, they reveal chestnuts and forests. Hence, Nighties come under the purview of “indecent dressing.”    
•    Do not wear bra and panty when you sleep – rape and sexual assaults happen mostly at night.
•    Do not wear denim jeans that have low waists and beltlines. Potential sexual predators might inadvertently think your butt-cleavage is your other southern triangle.
•    Do not show your legs – your legs resemble the sexual organs of polar bears and sea creatures such as oysters. Human legs also resemble – although at a miniature level – the sexual organs of ducks. Hence, your legs elicit indecent sexual images. So do not show your legs.
•    Do not show your thighs – thighs are closely related cousins of the vagina and hence, indecent.  
•    Do not wear necklines that advertise your cleavage – according to highly knowledgeable Naga scientists, your chestnuts might be harboring bacteria and microbes that cause rape and sexual assaults.     
•    Do not wear short skirts or show your knees – scientists have recently discovered that human knees are, in fact, private parts, similar to the genitalia.
•    Do not wear stripper shoes – stripper shoes make your feet look like they are wearing Bikinis.
•    Do not wear sleeveless tops. Armpits are close relatives of the breasts and a distant cousin of the Bra, hence indecent.
•    Do not wear tight jeans or leggings – what if a potential sleazebag attacker notes down your phone number just by looking at the shape of the phone bulging from your super-tight pocket? Creepy!
•    Now, all Naga bride-to-be – you are prohibited from wearing wedding gowns that are strapless.  However, worry not – you get good quality white Burqas and veils on eBay at throwaway prices.
•    All you Naga would-be-brides, beauty pageant contestants and Naga women living in the US and Europe, place your order for Burqas now – your moms and aunties are watching!

For Guys
•    Do not wear shorts – hairs on open legs might be mistaken for antennas sending out sexual signals to members of the opposite sex, hence indecent.
•    Do not wear boxers that show your thighs – thighs are closely related cousins of the penis. Hence showing your thighs is indecent.
•    Do not wear vests – they show your nipples and chest – hence, indecent. As is with girls whose bra straps show at their shoulders, do not let your vest hangers show at your neck/shoulder areas of your shirt.  
•    Again, do not wear vests – they resemble giant bras, hence indecent.
•    Do not go about shirtless – the moral police officers might persecute you for showing flat chests.
•    Do not show your underpants’ waistband over your beltline – 100% of rape cases indisputably involve underwear.   
•    Do not wear skinny denim jeans – a big bump bulging from your frontal areas could be mistaken for potential sexual tendencies.
•    Cover your face – they might think you have that creepy, indecent look.
•    Wear shades – you’ll be accused of concentrating on her forbidden bulges when you were only reading the slogan on her T-shirt.
•    Important for all Men: Do not think. You’ll be accused of having sex all the time in your mind.
    By the way, where do you buy Burqa, for men? Just in case.

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