Manipur boy attacked in Haryana

Dimapur, February 14 (MExN): A 20-years old boy from Manipur, working as a sales assistant at Pantaloon, Sahara Mall in Gurgaon in Haryana was attacked by three unknown persons on the night of February 13. He suffered fracture in the right hand and injury on the chest.
 According to North East Support Centre & Helpline (NESCH), the victim (identity withheld) worked in Pantaloon, a high-end apparel brand. Pantaloon had special sales that ended yesterday. The victim left office at around 1.30 AM, NESCH stated. While waiting for public transportation at a nearby Sahara Mall to return home, three unidentified men came in a white Maruti Van and adducted him.
 “I was taken to some place opposite to Ambience Mall and mercilessly beaten without telling any reason. My hand is fractured and chest and back is badly injured. They detained me whole night and left me alone at daybreak,” the victim told North East Support Centre & Helpline.
 The victim carried cash and an ATM card and there apparently were not motives to looting him. “I do not have any problem or quarrel with anyone. I do not understand what their intention of attacking me was,” the victim said.
  Spokesperson of North East Support Centre & Helpline Madhu Chandra said, “The issue of racial attack and discrimination in Gurgaon is not addressed so far by Gurgaon Police. Many requests have been made to Commissioner Police of Gurgaon and no response so far.”
 Racial and sexual attacks on North East people, especially on women, remain a grim worry in Delhi and Gurgaon. “We will appeal to Gurgaon Police Commissioner to develop police and plan of action to prevent the prevailing racial attack on North East communities,” Chandra stated.
 The Shop Manager of Pantaloon said there is no cab service for men working during night shift. “It is great concern for men working night shift without cabs provided. We will approach Delhi and NCR Police to include this in their 9-points safety guideline for women working in BPO companies,” the NESCH stated.