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Many thanks to FNR for Naga Day

Aoshingang Jamir
Senior Citizen

I personally extend my heartfelt gratitude to the FNR for successfully organizing the Naga Day on 10th January 2018 at Kohima local ground. Initially it was a bounding duty of the Naga political groups to recognize this Red letter day as a basis to start with Naga Political movement. On this very day of 10th January 1929, the Naga Club submitted a memorandum to the British authority known as the Simon commission just to assert the Naga political right. However, after a long hiatus of eighty nine (89) years, the FNR could trace out this historical day as a basis for Naga unity, understanding and reconciliation throughout Naga inhabited area, although the meeting was held belatedly. The Naga area having divided into pieces by late Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime minister of India. Since Nagas were ignorant in those days, without knowing the political dimension and kept silent for dividing the Nagas like Nagas of Nagaland, Naga-Manipur, Naga-Assam, Nagas of Arunachal, Nagas of Burma etc etc. Infact, we had 64 Naga tribes in all within Naga inhabited area. And we had about 50,000 sq.Kmswhich falls under Indian Territory. Whereas, there are 90,000 Sq. Km. of ourland which falls within the Burmese territory. Our land was ceded by Late Jawaharlal Nehru to Burma in 1953 without the consent and knowledge of the Nagas and the Naga people couldn’t raise any objection against parting away our land to Burma because of ignorance. Although, the Naga club has moved in the right direction asserting our political right to the Britishers, the Naga populace and all other political groups were sleeping all these 89 years failing to draw out the importance of the Red Letter Day to commemorate the movement. Therefore I must congratulate the organizing committee of FNR and the APO for successfully hosting of this historic day at Kohima Local Ground on 10th January 2018 and this will be the basis for Naga Unity and Social-political understanding as a clear message to all the Naga people wherever they are.


Meanwhile, it is regretted to mention that a senior citizen like Thepfulhouvi Solo, a retired technocrat of his stature should not be critical of the FNR. The Naga Hohohad appointed those prominent leaders from among the Nagas, from the churches, intellectuals, social-activists etc. And all the FNR members are having clear reputation and credentials in their profession whatsoever. And the main objective of the Naga Hoho for formation of the FNR is to entrust their responsibilities so as to douse the burning social and political situation prevailing in our land and it was a formidable task for the FNR to carry out the Naga Hoho’s assignment.


Nearly a quarter of a century, right from 1992 the Naga people has faced critical situation like fighting, killing, bloodshed, robbery, extortion, thievery, rape etc. were the order of the day throughout in Naga area. Not only thekillings of Naga National workers, even church leaders and innocent people were being killed mercilessly. It was a big task for the FNR to quell the situation and to bring about the changes among the Naga brothers for peace, unity understanding and reconciliation. The FNR members, for the last 15-16 years, abandoned their due professional duties and vigorously started concentrating to pursue the peace and reconciliation within the Naga Political Groups to stop killing and all criminal activities among the Nagas, and therefore, today we are just seeing a ray of hope – a calm and cool situation prevailing among the Naga brothers. Every right thinking Naga should highly appreciate the handy works carried out by the FNR tirelessly without any boundary.And we felt it is a great historical achievement in the context of conflict resolution. Nobody should denigrate the works of FNR in future.


As I have mentioned earlier, Nagas have 64 identical tribes and amongst those we have few tribes who are relatively forward like the Angamis, Aos, Semas, Lothas, Chakhesang etc. These forward tries should unite together and try to lead the other Naga tribes for a good measure of understanding in the right direction so as to promote better understanding in the line of socio-political and religious life of the Nagas. Any individual or tribes from amongst these forward tribes should stop forthwith the silly slogan of “Nagas of Nagaland” anymore. Anybody who are advocating such ideology of divisive slogan should be deemed to declare anti-Naga National. Nagas, in a sense, should not cow down to the pressure and divisive policy of the allied aggressors like India and Burma. Rather Nagas must evolve a consensus path of political process and declare thousand years of political war against India and Burma without Bloodshed throughout Naga inhabited area since they have occupied our land illegally. I hope and pray that the Naga people understand the ground reality to achieve Naga destiny through dedication and prayer in the right direction of our living God and Jesus Christ. Since Nagas, as a declared Christian Nation, must stop arms conflicts, bloodshed & killings and cast upon our problems to our living God and Jesus Christ which is the only way to achieve Naga destiny. Long Live Naga Nation.