Massive building remain unused

In this image released to the media, Mumbai’s Nagaland House stands tall and jazzy but yet to be occupied.
Dimapur, April 5 (MExN): The government authorities of Nagaland are told to occupy the Nagaland House in Mumbai by Naga students in Mumbai. The building was completed last year but has remained unused by the Nagas in Mumbai or by the Government of Nagaland “or by any other Nagas.” The circumstance portrays the negligent and slackness deportment of the government of Nagaland, the NSUM and the Naga Christian Fellowship Mumbai (NCFM) stated in a letter addressed to the Principal Secretary of Home, Nagaland. 
Students in Mumbai ask Govt to occupy Nagaland House 
The union and the fellowship as well as Naga elders working and residing in Mumbai expressed happiness for the successful completion of the “marvelous building Nagaland House Mumbai.”
“The necessity of the Nagaland House Mumbai is manifest to the Nagas in Mumbai in particular and the Nagas in general particularly for those coming for medical reasons as mentioned in our earlier letters to your kind self and your esteemed office,” the organizations stated. “The late taking over of the possession of the Nagaland House Mumbai is causing inestimable hardships to the Nagas. Besides, it portrays the negligent and slackness deportment of the Government of Nagaland,” the organizations reminded din the letter.
The organizations stated that a couple of months from now fresh students from Nagaland would come to Mumbai for various academic admissions. “Mumbai being vast in size and very expensive in lodging, food and travel the fresh students during the time of admissions, before, they could get hostel, paying guest or any other cheaper permanent accommodation would be bound to bear the most expensive and impenetrable convolution of the busiest and the most expensive city of India if the Government fails and neglects to take right steeps at the right time.”  
The organizations have appealed to the Government of Nagaland to immediately address and “complete the necessary formalities for taking over the possession of the said Nagaland House at the earliest for the greater cause of the people of Nagaland.”