Message from the youths

  While we proclaim to be a Christian State we tend to showcase the best examples of being Christians to the rest of the country and the world. If people around the world search 'Nagaland' in Google, they will be shocked to see mostly negative, sad, horrifying images of hatred and violence. Is this how we want to portray ourselves to the world?   We the younger generation should thank our leaders for cursing us with the sad reality we live in today. We are even ashamed to say we are from Nagaland if we go out of the State because now people know about Nagaland not for good, positive things but only for sad and depressing things. How did our elders manage to turn our beautiful State into such a sad place to live in?   Youths today are deeply saddened and frustrated by the manner in which our leaders are leading this generation into our darkest ages. While students are preparing for the most important exams, we have seen how their minds are totally disturbed with all the hatred and violence around them. Instead of acting like responsible leaders and sitting down to resolve issues, our leaders on both sides - The Government and our Tribal leaders allowed our youths to solve their political problems out in the streets with violence and even fuelled by alcohol thereby leading to the loss of two precious souls.   Even after their death, instead of giving them a burial, it was heart breaking to witness how we the Christians still continued to use their dead bodies in this political conflict.   As a forum of young intellectual Nagas who will soon manage the affairs of our State, it is our appeal to the leaders of today to stop hating one another simply because we belong to different tribes, political parties etc so that we can be easily divided and ruled but to open our eyes and minds to start working towards unity and a brighter future for our generation.   All our leaders should repent to God and the people for the mess they have created; and work together for transforming our State. Let God and wisdom be your guide, not money and hatred.   We the youths will live in the future which you are creating for us today. If you wish to be remembered in history, then work for the unity and welfare of our people. The future generations will either use your names to bless or curse.   So choose your side in history to bless us with a happy, sustainable, progressive future for your children and your grandchildren. The youths are hopeful that sanity comes in and rationality will prevail among our leaders today so that we the public can also look to see inspiring leaders to lead this generation from turmoil to progress and prosperity.  

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