Meta now lets creators publish Instant Games directly on Facebook

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San Francisco, November 4 (IANS) Meta has announced a new distribution model for Instant Games (IG), allowing developers to publish their games directly to people on Facebook, even if the game is in the early stages of development.

"We are announcing that we will be creating a path for developers of Instant Games on Facebook to launch their games directly to people on Facebook, even if the game is in the early stages of development and historically would have been blocked by the Quality Guidelines," Meta said in a blogpost on Friday.

The company also said that it will change the way games are distributed across our organic discovery experiences.

In the new process, the tech giant is introducing the Play Lab tier, which will allow games that previously may not have passed Quality Review to go live on the platform in a way that allows them to acquire users, collect feedback, and experiment.

The company is also creating a new distribution tier for higher-quality and high-performing games -- Play Tab.

"IGs in the Play Tab tier will be distributed across our organic discovery surfaces and available for promotion in editorial units," Meta explained.

IGs in the Play Lab tier will be hosted on the Facebook Play platform, but will not be distributed via the company's organic discovery or editorial surfaces.

Play Lab IGs will continue to be able to create a game page and grow their player base via paid user acquisition, social discovery, and community building, according to the company.

Meanwhile, Meta has introduced a new "Facebook Stories API" (Application Programming Interface), which will allow developers, creators, and brands to create and share a Facebook Story directly from a third-party desktop or web app.