‘Military mindset & reconciliation cannot go hand in hand’

DIMAPUR, MARCH 8 (MExN): The GPRN/NSCN and FGN/NNC has come out with a joint statement pointing out that ‘military mindset and reconciliation cannot go hand in hand’ and alleged that after signing of the covenant of reconciliation ‘merciless incidents’ had taken place perpetrated by what it termed as “IM cadres”. It also alleged that the NSCN/GPRN General Secretary Th Muivah has “deliberately orchestrated a military mission to eastern Nagaland from Lodhi Estate in Delhi”.
Drawing attention to the second point of the Joint Statement on 18th September 2010, the GPRN/NSCN and FGN/NNC pointed out that the leaders present during that meeting including Th Muivah had agreed and signed in the presence of FNR that “Henceforth, we commit to working our differences as outlined in the Covenant of Reconciliation” and also that “we commit to cessation of all forms of hostilities including, any territorial expansion, for this the JWG will meet from time to time”.
The joint statement issued by the MIP, GPRN/NSCN & RALI WALI, FGN/NNC also pointed out that on his arrival at Dimapur on 3rd March after another round of so-called “positive talks”, Th. Muivah declared that he is at liberty to send his armed cadres anywhere, even to eastern Nagaland. “It is shocking to learn that a man whose Chairman signed the Covenant of Reconciliation in June 2009, and who appended his own signature to cease all forms of hostilities, should brag that it is not unnatural to send his armed men to Khiamnungan Region where FGN/NNC Kedahke Brig. (Retd) Shingnya is based and to interior eastern Nagaland towards the base of GPRN/NSCN Chairman S.S Khaplang”, the joint statement stated.
The statement also added that the two leaders Khaplang and Shingnya were “not men of pretexts and excuses” and that “these are leaders of men who, decades ago, Th. Muivah tried to kill but failed”. “When IM cadres arrives thick and fast towards interior Eastern Naga villages such as Lao and Chalam on the eve of highest level summit, let anybody call it an excuse or a pretext to avoid the summit, it deserves serious evaluation as Naga history is replete with sorry episodes”.
As such the joint statement clarified that Chairman S.S Khaplang and Brig.(Retd) Singnya therefore sought deferment of the highest level summit because “IM’s sincerity is seriously lacking”. “Requesting for deferment of highest level summit by two of the three signatories should not be misconstrued as going against Naga Reconciliation”, it stated.
Further it was stated that “linking GPRN/NSCN with Assam Rifles and Indian paramilitary forces is baseless” and that it was “a theory too silly to believe”. “People who stay in Lodhi estate, an official residence for Indian MP’s, fully manned by Indian paramilitary forces, should not invent such stories”. It also alleged that Th. Muivah has “come tumbling down from issue of Naga Sovereignty to integration to now ‘give and take’ within Indian constitution”, which the joint statement stated was “apparent”.
The GPRN/NSCN and FGN/NNC also pointed out that the last highest level summit took place at Dimapur on 18th Sept. 2010 and that “every single word spoken by the leaders at the highest level summit was recorded and captured on video by the Forum for Naga Reconciliation”. “If the Naga people could view the DVD copy of the Summit, inclusiveness of all Nagas was vehemently objected to by Th. Muivah which raised many eyebrows since the primary objective of the summit was inclusive reconciliation”, it stated.
The joint statement as such questioned as to what the issue of integration is all about when inclusiveness, whether of people or land, is ruled out. “The joint statement of the summit signed by N Kitovi Zhimomi, Brig. (Retd.) Singnya and Th. Muivah on 18th Sept. 2010 could be viewed once more, given the present situation in eastern Nagaland  and Th. Muivah’s media interaction at Dimapur on 3rd. March 2011, it is a spiteful contradiction to the very joint statement he signed five months ago at Dimapur”.