Most business-related websites under Nagaland Govt need ‘rehabilitation’

Moa Jamir 
Dimapur | October 2

Most websites under the Government of Nagaland (GoN) related with business and economic activities, barring a few, need major ‘rehabilitation,’ highlighted The Morung Express’s assessment of  portals related with Board, Corporation, Regulatory Authority, projects etc in the State. 

Two websites related with women resources were also found ‘un-resourceful.’ However, websites not related with business or project oriented were revealed to be more upgraded. 

In the following, a brief overview of the assessed websites is presented, as per the status on October 1.

IDAN: Not an ideal destination 
Notified in June 2018, the Investment and Development Authority of Nagaland (IDAN) was created as an investment promotion and facilitation agency, among others. While it is doing lot of initiatives thereafter, these are not reflected on its website (  

There were no Right to Information (RTI) disclosure or annual reports, while in the ‘Events’ section, the last activities was announcement for the scheduled (postponed) CSR Conclave from July 4-6, 2022. 

Under ‘Project’ section, the latest mentioned were Yellowchain and Natural Fibre Value Chain dating back to 2020, while the last ‘Collaboration’ was on women entrepreneurship in 2021. 

The ‘CSR Shelf of Projects’ section listed numerous projects, but all appear to be dated, while details of all Project read: “Details To be updated.”
No activities were feasible in the current year except posts from an integrated ‘X’ account (formerly Twitter).

NSDMC: Underdeveloped 
‘Underdeveloped’ is the best way to describe NSDMC's website ( created in 1981 as a PSU to  harness the mineral development in the State.

While resources were limited, its Annual Administrative Report pertained to 2019-2020 while the RTI link was not working. 

In ‘News and Information’ section, Occupational Pattern of Employees as on 31.01.2020 was given while the List of Employees was as of October 29, 2020. All activities seem to have been last updated on October 29, 2020.

Ease of Doing Business  in Nagaland: Uneasy
The dedicated website for EoDB in Nagaland ( under the Department of Industries and Commerce (DIC)  needs urgent updating and re-orientation.

While some resources were available, other information seems quite dated. For instance, the ‘List of nodal officers’ given on the portal appears to be till 2019 only as it includes those already retired or promoted or shifted to other departments.  

A quick comparison with EoDB portal of Assam, which has features such as reasons to invest, Dashboard, Information Wizard etc, reflected that Nagaland needs huge catching up and it would be an uneasy experience for those looking at the portal to know about investment in the State.

NIDC: un-industrious
‘Un-industrious’ could be the best to describe the website of the Nagaland Industrial Development Corporation Limited (NIDC), a Government of Nagaland undertaking, incorporated on March 26, 1970 to ‘promote, develop, establish and assist economic growth in the State.’

Overall, the website ( had limited information with no annual or financial. Based on the website, users would be lost even to know who is heading the Corporation presently.

An RTI listed is “As on 15th September, 2017” while ‘Vacancies, Latest News & Developments’ section was blank. 
The only saving grace was the “Latest Updates & Information” which dated to May 11, 2023 and some Acts and Polices as well as Agreements & Regulations.

SCEW & DWRD:  Un-resourceful 
The State Resource Centre for Women (SCRW) website listed on the Nagaland State Portal was not working. Independent searches leads to Mission Shakti’s website ( Meanwhile, the Department of Women Resource Development (DWRD) was not listed on the State’s portal. Both websites, however, lack updating as well as other relevant resources.

Nagaland Start-up: Needs ‘re-mentoring’ 
Another portal under the DIC, the Nagaland Startup’s website ( aimed at establishing the State as a model startup leader in the region was relatively more well-structured, informative and updated than others dealing with business or economic activities.      

The ‘Notification’ section has information upto July 26, though ‘News & Activities’ section were updated only till January 16, 2023. A blog section was updated till February 9, 2023 while there was no annual report/RTI or downloads. Overall, it needs ‘re-mentoring.’

FOCUS: Needs ‘Refocusing’ 
The website of the Fostering Climate Resilient Upland Farming Systems (FOCUS) ( is relatively updated but need a little ‘refocus.’ 

The ‘Notification’ section had updates upto June 2, 2023, while ‘What’s New’ and ‘Advertisement/Recruitment’ were respectively updated upto July 13 and September 27, 2023. 

However, the ‘Annual Workplan & Budget’ pertains only to 2018-19 and the RTI link only shared the Act, not Sou Motu disclosure.  
Information on employees was not found except a photo of the Mission Director on the homepage while ‘Contact’ link returned with ‘This page doesn't seem to exist.”

CAG: Well-Accounted 
In terms of sheer number of resources and services, the website of the Principal Accountant General (A&E), Nagaland ( was the best among the portals assessed here.

Besides robust information on organisational structure and related matters, there was a Citizens Charter, detailed functions and officers list etc. 

Various accounts, as well as other reports, Circulars / Office Orders etc were given and updated. Services on GPF and pension were comprehensive including all relevant information, guidelines and checklist, Dos and Don'ts etc, with facilities for online application and tracking status. 
However, annual reports and RTI were missing while ‘What’s New’ section was till March 2023.

NBOCWWB: Well-constructed 
Another resourceful and well-constructed portal was the NBOCWWB’s website ( There were relevant information on Acts & Rules and the website is shown to be “Last Updated” on June 6, 2023. Information on Acts & Rules, schemes and services were available with facilities for registration and user manual.

On ‘Reports’ section, data on renewal of Beneficiaries was comprehensive and updated, though data on new registration was relatively limited. 
However, the RTI section returned blank and there was no annual report.

PMFME: Well-Processed 
The website of the Pradhan Mantri Formalisation of Micro food processing Enterprises (PMFME) scheme ( can be considered ‘well-processed.’ The DIC is the State Nodal Agency. 

Apart from relevant information on the scheme, the ‘Latest Updates’ section appeared to be regularly updated with the latest post was dated September 25 while the ‘Tender & Advertisement’ section was updated upto February 2023. 

The Details & Contacts of District Resource Persons (DRP) of all districts were also given. However, neither an RTI nor an Annual report was found.

ILP: Helpful  
The website of the Nagaland Inner Line Permit ( was found to be resourceful with robust ‘About Us’ section, with relevant information, notification and circulars.

The ILP services in terms of online application, process, checklist, FAQ and user manual etc were neatly organised, allowing seamless browsing as well as access to information. However, the category of applicants needs to be more exhaustive. For instance, there is no section for dependents or family relations.    

This is the part-four of a series on assessment of digital governance of departments and agencies under the Government of Nagaland 


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