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Mother of murder accused, three children excommunicated

Peren, January 16 (MExN): The Heningkunglwa Village Council has “as per customary law” ex-communicated the mother and the three children of the January 10 murder accused for a period of 7 years w.e.f. 11/1/2018.


The excommunication order which was issued in a joint statement by the Heningkunglwa Village Council and the Women Society accused the man of having murdered his own wife “out of intoxication”.


Strongly condemning what it termed as “barbaric and heinous crime", the Village Council and Women Society called on the judicial authority to award rigorous life imprisonment to the culprit according to his crime. The two bodies also strongly appealed the law enforcing agency to take the matter seriously and award non-bailable punishment to the culprit.


NWK, NOT condemn
The Nzaunalui Welfare Kohima (NWK) and the Nzaunalui Organization, Tening (NOT) also issued strong condemnations over the alleged murder of a woman at Heningkunglwa Village, in Peren District, by her own husband on January 10.


“The murder is so savage that no civilized human being can think of taking such steps on a fellow human being,” a statement from the NWK read and further urged upon the law enforcement agencies to award befitting punishment as per the law of the land.


The NOT stated that it was shocked as to how a person could commit such an act on his own wife who was also the mother to their children. The alleged murder was “so savage” that it finds no appropriate words, it stated and added, “No human can think of taking such drastic steps to any living being.”


The two organizations conveyed deepest condolences to the bereaved families and prayed for the departed soul to rest in peace.