Mother, my role model: A tribute

Ms. Bonglih P Konyak
B.A 6th Semester, Modern College Kohima

“Mothers don’t sleep; they just worry with their eyes close”
The person whom I look up to, the person who understand me even in silence, the person who constantly prays for me, the person whom I can rely on in any situation, the person who inspires me, the person don’t judge me, the person who is my best friend at all time, is my mother who is also my role model.My mother is a person who sets a good example for me and I get inspired by her. Each one of us has a role model who is a determined person, caring and loving, etc.

My mother is my role model as she has inspired me the most in all sphere of my life. She is the captain who handles all the activities and who is in charge of the house. She is a home maker. From dawn till night fall, she worries and thinks best for her family. Starting from the kitchen, she makes the most delicious food and make sure that all her children and husband are content from her cooking skills. She is the nurse for my family. She makes sure that she is available in keeping her family in good health.  I can say, after all mothers are a representative of God on earth. 

My mother is the first teacher of my life. She may be not that educated and literate like many mothers but, she is our first teacher who teaches us the first basic ways of life. As dedicated as she is, she also very hardworking. From maintaining the kitchen to teaching us how to live and also work at home, she has been tirelessly working smilingly.  My mother gets up at dawn and her daily routine starts before we get up from our bed. My mother can be called the manager of our family. She manages each and everything in our family. She is the back bone and a strong pillar of my family. She is the one who continuously prays for her family. 

I am glad my mother is always there to share and listen to me when I failed to do my chores. She is the best advisor who also considers my choices. She tried to make me strong person with independent mind. She has given me everything to make my life easier. I sometimes wonder how she can balance between working and raising a family. Being a homemaker, she feels that it is her responsibility to make sure her family is stable, strong and in good health. Even in sickness, she still would still prepare meals for us. 

Indeed mothers are God on earth. It is because of my mother that I could at least be where I am today. It is because of her prayers and support that my family is happily living together and smiling. I wish we continue to know the unimaginable works of our mothers. A mother always thinks and worries about her family and their well being. I thank God for giving me my mother. May our Almighty God grant good lives to all our wonderful mothers. May they live long and happy and see all their great grandchildren. I love you so much Mother.