MP’s son killed in road crash

The mangled remains of the ill-fated MUV under custody of the traffic police.   
DIMAPUR, MARCH 13 (MExN): Member of Parliament to the Lok Sabha, CM Chang’s son was killed in a tragic road mishap Sunday, March 13. The accident occurred near the ARTC & S at 2 ½ Mile, Dimapur during the late hours of the night. According to the traffic police, they received information about the accident at around 1:30 am.
The eldest son of the Lok Sabha MP, Joseph Chang (28 years) was driving an MUV (Mahindra Scorpio) towards Dimapur, when it rammed onto the back of a stationary truck (NLH 8786); the impact killing him on the spot. He was the lone occupant in the ill-fated MUV (NL 10 6559).
Traffic police said that the truck loaded with boulders was parked on the left lane (towards Dimapur) following a mechanical failure. Neither the driver nor the handyman was manning the truck at the time of the mishap. It did not have any parking light or reflectors.
Earlier at around 11:00 pm another vehicle, a ‘Maruti Gypsy’, rammed onto the back of the same stationary truck, traffic police said. Fortunately that time the driver of the ‘Gypsy’ escaped with minor injuries. Inability to find a tow truck at such a late hour, the traffic police was unable to haul the loaded truck away to a safer location, a traffic policeman said.
As is the practice (or rather primitive) in this part of the world, a few number of small tree branches were tied onto the truck, supposedly meant as a signal to indicate it had suffered a break down and under repair. The truck is reportedly said to belong to a former DMC member.