Mr. Bendangtoshi and Rev. Kevi castigated, Joel applauded

Apropos to the articles forwarded by Bendangtoshi and Rev. Kevi who contemplated shock, horror and dismay at the action of the Angami Students Union, I too was shocked at the uncompassionate attitude of the Mr. Two Malicious. I wonder whether they have the slightest tendency and a sympathetic thought to condemn the barbaric act of the rapist, prior to their disapproval of the ASU action of parading the so called rapist. Is it not the sole responsibility of every Naga to maintain strategic measures to avoid rape and molestation in our society instead of criticizing the precautionary measures put forth by some organizations? I want these two people to carefully understand the mental trauma induced on the poor girl and the humiliation meted out to the family and articulate on the situation if the unfortunate incident happens to be the case of their daughter/sister; will they still express their refutation to the action? If so, will they please suggest some laxity measures, if they think the ASU action too constrictive/severe and bring the positive civilized precautions to avoid further inhuman acts. What positive results have been yielded by stern writing, condemnations, processions and voicing our anger in terms of strikes and bands? What capital punishment has been given to the culprits by the law enforcing authority according to the books and laws?

In fact, the ASU action is just an exemplary precautions and not a horrific act as leveled by the two, instead the attempted rape is a horrific act and criticism of punishment is advocating rape and encouragement of molestation. Now if they say that the act of parading the culprit is uncivilized and have no place in our society, I want to know if the attempted rape is civilized and compatible in our society. The efforts of the concerned paper in publishing the article and the picture are encouraged and the allegations of abuse charged against the print media are also questionable. The thoughtfulness and concern of Joel for “the suffering sister” is appreciated. Lets not inculcate the very word civilization (as we all know that rape is also not an act of civilization) when we are desperately framing solutions to the rape cases, for rape and attempted rape cannot go hand in hand with civilization.

Sezoto, Kohima