Musk looking into launching a 'drive-thru mode' on Tesla

San Francisco, November 9 (IANS): Multi-billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk has confirmed that he is looking into launching a "drive-thru mode" on Tesla.


Musk's announcement comes after someone complained to him on Twitter about the noise the car makes while detecting hazards in the drive-thru lane.


"Can we get a drive thru mode please? It beeps like crazy every time I'm trying to get my chicken sandwich (; thank you," the customer wrote in a Twitter post recently.


Soon, Musk replied: "Looking into it."


Tesla CEO has several times used the microblogging platform to ask customer about what new features they would like to see in new Tesla models.


Musk earlier this week announced that he will unveil the Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck on November 21 at an event in Los Angeles.


Musk originally planned to reveal the truck earlier this year, but he announced in September that he has extented the launch event to November.


Tesla CEO has mentioned that the forthcoming pickup truck has a "heart-stopping" design, with better utility than a Ford F-150 and superior performance to a basic Porsche 911.