My disappointments with Naga leaders, NGOs

I am totally disappointed with our Naga leaders and NGOs for their lack of insensitivity towards our fellow human being. So much so that I am beginning to take an extreme view of our people. Last few days in the local media there has been a hue and outcry about the quit notice given by NSCM (K) to the Tangkhuls. How all the NSCM (IM) leaders of various regions gave their support to the Tangkhuls and even we hear of International support of NSCM (IM) raise their voice against the quit notice.

What disappoints me is that the same NSCM(IM) and its regional leaders and its international solidarity group and our own very esteemed NGOs failed to raise their voice and condone the attempted murder of the Doctor of the Civil Hospital Dimapur, for Rupee five thousand (5000) to date the thugs are being hidden and given protection by the NSCM(IM).This is surly is an anti Naga and anti people act committed by those who love money more then life of a fellow human being, weather they be Nagas or non Nagas, so much so that the love of money knows no bound as we hear of the extortion notice being given to the oil workers in Manipur. 

Due to this notice; supply of food and gas is not reaching the people of Manipur and who have to suffer because of love of money of our freedom fighters. Are there no Nagas in Manipur? Are they not, with the rest of the people Manipur suffering also?
Over this issue why are the voices of regional leaders of NSCM (IM) and the International solidarity group and even our very own Naga Hoho, and what about the mothers groups. Why do their voices remain silent? Dose money speaks louder than the suffering to the people of Manipur? It would seem so. 

After long thought over this issue what comes out is this, that what the NSCM (IM) says or do, is not questionable (or to be questioned) by any one including their own regional leaders, who must not express their own view or thoughts, that is to say that they do not have brains and voice of their own but must obey the voice of their Masters. This I know is not true of many good leaders of IM. This line of thought is also with regards to our very esteemed NAGA HAHA and NAGA Mothers group and as for the rest of us Nagas it’s the case of shut up and do as you are told. Oh freedom what price shall I pay for you?
Oh what freedom I have, I can only say what I have been told to say! 

Really as I said in the beginning that I am being led to take an extreme view because of the hard heartness of our people. Therefore I have to ask my self what is the difference between freedom fighters and common vagabonds, they both might say that they are fighting for our freedom, if one say its ok to murder babies for the cause of freedom does that makes it alright? Surly the difference between the two is not the motive i.e. what they believe but in the method (what they do or commit in the name of freedom) of achieving their motive? It has to be the method which makes the difference between a true freedom fighters and common vagabonds.

John Sumi
5th Mile, Dimapur