‘My kids asked me if I loved Infosys more than them’

BANGALORE, may 20 (Agencies): N R Narayana Murthy has three children: Rohan, Akshata and Infosys. He will be retiring as chairman of the enterprise he co-founded in 1981 in August this year. In a detailed goodbye note that appeared in Infosys’ recent annual report, Murthy wrote, “The best analogy that I can think of separation between Infosys and me is that of one’s daughter getting married and leaving her parent’s home. Yes parents will be there when she needs them and they will be happy that she is starting a new life in an exciting new environment.”
“I have been the No. 1 actor in every major decision taken in the company. I have rejoiced in every significant milestone of the company. But there have been some moments of great dilemmas and sadness too. “....bidding goodbye to perhaps the brightest of my co-founder colleagues early in the journey was disheartening. Refusing to accept unreasonable terms and walking away from business with a Fortune-10 company was a test of our resolve. Occasional incidents of the organization turning bureaucratic, the inability of some of our leaders to take quick and firm decisions and government-company interface becoming less business-friendly from time to time are things that made me sad,” he wrote.
There is no doubt that the Infosys journey has impacted Murthy’s personal life. “It was one of those rare nights at home during the late eighties, I was huddling with my young children, Rohan and Akshata, when Rohan asked whether I loved Infosys more than him and his sister.” ...When I was busy overseeing every detail of the strategy and operations of the company, from designing the company logo, the company song and the presentation materials, signing off on every drawing and material used in every building on our campuses and coming home late at night, it was difficult to argue with the innocent but correct logic of my children,” he wrote.