My Memories of Late Wungmareo Shaiza (First Naga IAS)

The first time I met Uncle W. Shaiza was in 1965. He asked me to sing into a tape recorder, so I sang “Kahidurjabedin…” a Hindi film song. It was a wonder for me to hear my own voice as he played it back. 

In 1972 when I was studying in St. Edmunds, Shillong, he taught me how to play badminton. He was a talentedbadminton player, and played actively till he was 80 years old.

In 1974 when he was posted as Administrator of Lakshadweep Island, I visited their family by the ship Amindivi, travelling from Willington to Karavatti island.Being the nephew of W. Shaiza, the captain gave me the privilege of sleepingin the room where Mrs. Indira Gandhi had slept. At dinner time the captain asked me to pray for the crew. I stayed for a month on the island, and learnt how to drive. Every morning I would teach Bible verses to Angam and Leiya, their two sons.

In1973 when I was studying in SABC, Bangalore, I once gave Rs. 10 to Mr. Emmanuel Jereboo, a poor classmateto pay his typing fee. The next day, Uncle visited Bangalore and gave me Rs. 300, which was a huge sum in those days. I know that God sent Uncle to give me the amount, and from him I learnt the joy of giving. For me this incident is also a testimony of God’s faithfulness and love. 

In 1975,he was posted as Development Commissioner at Panaji, Goa. I was writing a thesis for my theological studies on the topic “Revival among the Tangkhul Nagas”. I asked him several questions, and he advised me on how to write my thesis. One night, it was around 11 pm when he called me out from the room where I was studying, and told me, “Nephew, you should marry a girl from Hunphuni.e., Ukhrul”. At that time I didn’t understand why he said so, but now I realize that thiswas the wisest and best advice for me.

In 1982 before I left for the US to study, I put up with their family in Delhi, and he gave me a good recommendation letter. After he retired from government service as Chief Secretary, Delhi Administration in 1986, he came back to reside in Imphal. I used to meet him often, and we would share our thoughts and pray together.During one of these times he quoted two Bible verses – “He will never leave you, nor forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6) and “I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:20) 

In 2011, oneNovember morning he called me and said “Candid, I have only one son now. It is my wish and desire that you should solemnize his marriage.” I immediately replied “Yes, yes, Awo.”The last time I saw him was during his son AngamShaiza’s wedding. He was bedridden andcouldn’t talk, but I told him that “Everything has been completed by the grace of God.” 

On the morning of Jan 18, 2012 around 6.30 am,Uncle closed his eyes for eternity. I really wanted to attend and give my last respects to him, but I was ill and not fit to travel. As a believer in Jesus Christ, I believe that we shall meet again in heaven.  

Rev. Candid Sareo
P.R.O, Patkai Christian College