My name is Freedom Movement and I keep on getting uglier

Freedom Movement? When I was young and unsullied, I was well loved and admired by one and all. I held sway over the hearts and loyalty of my fellow Nagas. Able men and women willingly laid down their lives for my cause. I was charming and enjoyed massive approval rating amongst the people.

When I was young, I spawned hope. Inspired dreams. Enthused passion. And engendered cooperation and unity. Wherever I went, I was well received and greeted. I was showered with respect and garlanded with honor. I was fed with enthusiastic support and exuberance by young and old.

However, today, as I get older, I keep on getting uglier and meaner. Today, I am called by different names. It is, as a matter of fact, because I am legion. And I create schism, confusion and utter chaos. I bring to you ceaseless conflict, carnage and feud.

Today, I am Vilified, not hailed. Feared, not revered. Despised, not cherished. And reviled, not acclaimed.

Cause I no longer win hearts, but break them. What is wrong with me? I ruminate and ask myself. What can I do to restore my past elegance, splendor and charm? Can I not age gracefully and be loved and endeared as I once was? Perhaps, I need to swallow the bitter pill call UNITY and be adorned with my past grandeur and dignity again.

Tezenlo Thong