Naga Cultural Dance

With appreciation to the article “The Need to Standardize the Naga Cultural Dances” by one T. Penzii, which appeared at the Morung Express dated 12 May, 2007, page 7, I would like to add some points which would be more significant, provided we materialized them. Naga dances differ from tribe to tribes, even village to village. They have different patterns of singing and dancing for different occasions. One cannot expect them to dance together as One Naga as Naga students sometimes do in colleges or some special occasions at other places. But we can create a Unison Dance where people can dance together with different tribal dances. So, as proposed by the previous writer, dances can be standardized in respective tribes and do the things as follow:

1. Create Unison Dance: When Nagas come together, they perform their own tribal dances as different groups at a time, and we cannot really concentrate to any particular group of dance. Of course, if we have sufficient time and fewer groups, we call them one after another. It has its own beauty and we can keep it up too.

But for a change if we want to evolve the dance, we should also make different Naga dancers into unison kind of dance. They should learn the pattern of each other dances and move together with different Naga tribal dances.

In a function, different Naga tribes stand in a circle and dance together with the beat/song of every Naga tribe sung or played in a loud speaker.

Announce the serial of the pattern of dance (Example: Angami Dance, Ao Dance, Konyak Dance, Sumi Dance, Zeling Dance etc.) one after another and change the pattern of dance accordingly.

Particular troupe of a tribe can come into center of the circle while their turn comes, so that they can lead the dance of the moment.

2. How do learn each tribal dance? : Representatives of different tribes can come together in an appointed time and place, and learn from each other. Once they learnt the pattern of different dances, they organized the group of dance in their respective tribe and introduce it to the people. Then when Nagas come together, they perform the dances in unison with other Naga tribes.

3. Who will initiate? : Since we have Hornbill Festival annually with initiation of the-State Government, it would be more practical to materialize there. The concerned department of the State Government should plan out and arrange the programme and necessary expenses for its implementation.

We the Naga youths are really shaking away with the Western Rap and Hindi dances and neglecting our own. If we work out the things, it will create a sense of love tawards our culture and create a feeling of One Naga among ourselves. God Bless

A. Peihwang Wangsa
Mon, Nagaland