NAGA E-SUMMIT 2023: Digital Frontier-Exploring opportunities in emerging Tech

Advisor IT&C and Economics & Statistics, Sethrongkyu Sangtam along with other officials at the 9th edition Naga e-summit in Kohima. (DIPR Photo)

Advisor IT&C and Economics & Statistics, Sethrongkyu Sangtam along with other officials at the 9th edition Naga e-summit in Kohima. (DIPR Photo)

Kohima, November 30 (MExN): The 9th edition Naga e-summit 2023 was held under the theme ‘Digital Frontier: Exploring opportunities in emerging Tech’ at the conference hall of the Directorate of Information & Technology and Communication, Kohima on November 30. 

Speaking as the special guest, Advisor IT&C and Economics & Statistics, Sethrongkyu Sangtam said it was an honour to stand today as a representative of the people and to share in the collective enthusiasm that radiates from this event ‘Digital Frontier: Exploring Opportunities in Emerging Tech.’ 

As per the DIPR report, he mentioned that in the fast-evolving landscape of the digital age, the link between governance and technology is more critical than ever and as a politician, he understands the profound impact that technologies can have on the lives of our citizens, the growth of our economy, and the overall well-being of our society. “The theme of today's event encapsulates not just the spirit of innovation but also the responsibility we bear to harness the opportunities that emerge on this digital frontier for the greater good,” he added.

Sangtam urged that as we embark on this expedition into the unexplored realms of emerging technologies let us embrace the spirit of pioneers and be fearless in the face of the unknown and relentless in our pursuit of knowledge, the opportunities before us are boundless, the digital frontier invites us to think beyond conventional boundaries and reimagining what is possible. It challenges us to consider not only the advancements that benefit us today but the legacy we leave for generations to come.

As we engage in conversations, share insights, and envision the future together, he encouraged to not only see challenges but to recognize them as opportunities in disguise. In the digital frontier, obstacles are invitations to innovate, and setbacks are stepping stones to success, he added.

He also commended the Information Technology Department for fostering an environment where dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing thrive and as we explore the opportunities on the digital frontier, let us remember that our collective efforts today will shape the narrative of progress for generations to come.

Digital Frontier - a tangible and dynamic realm

Director, IT&C Er Sabou Yashii in his keynote address said that the digital frontier is not just a metaphorical landscape; it is a tangible and dynamic realm where breakthrough in technology are redefining the way we live, work, and connect and as we stand on the brink of this frontier, it is crucial to recognize the immense opportunities that lie ahead of us.

He mentioned that one of the defining features of the digital frontier is its inclusivity, also a frontier of ideas, daring ventures, bold endeavours, a call to explore, innovate and collaborate. Emerging technologies have the potential to bridge gaps, eliminate barriers, and create a more interconnected world from artificial intelligence to block chain, from virtual reality to quantum computing, these technologies are not just tools but enablers of progress, he added.

Yashii said that as we navigate the digital frontier, ethical considerations must also guide our journey, the responsible development and deployment of emerging technologies are imperative to ensure that the benefits are widespread and that no one is left behind. He urged that we must foster an environment that encourages innovation while safeguarding privacy, security, and the fundamental rights of an individual.

He shared that as a Technical Department, it is always our desire to bring entrepreneurs, start ups, innovators under one roof where we can sit together, listen to one another, share our ideas, augment one another, come to know each other, encourage one another and exchange our ideas for our better future.