Naga leaders urged to positively respond to call for reconciliation

Somipam Lungleng, a social activist and community leader making a presentation to strengthen the Naga reconciliation process during a day long interaction in Dimapur.
DIMAPUR, APRIL 26 (MExN): On April 26, 2011, a day-long interactive meeting on “Naga Reconciliation: A Journey of Common Hope” was held in Dimapur where members of the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) and individuals from all across the Naga areas seriously deliberated together on the Naga reconciliation process. The purpose of the interaction was to solicit feedbacks, suggestions, ideas, criticisms, and explore possible steps for the future. According to a press note issued jointly by the participants, the meeting made several observations including that the Naga reconciliation process had given people a new sense of hope and the space for a new imagination of a shared and common Naga future. It also observed that the various Naga political groups have been committed to Naga reconciliation, and have expressed and demonstrated their sincerity in various forms. Further of late, there have been incidents of violence and an increase in use of provocative language in the public domain through the media.
Provocative language through media must stop
The Meeting also made six recommendations. Firstly, that the Naga political groups refrain and restrain themselves from any form of violence, and from the use of language which may be detrimental to the reconciliation process. Further the highest-level meeting of the Naga political groups is a political necessity. It also recommended that that the leaders of the various political groups must shoulder the responsibility of positively responding to the Naga people’s call for reconciliation at the highest level. The FNR was also told to continue exploring and pursuing all possible means to ensure the realization of reconciliation at the highest level. The FNR must also reach out and create greater consciousness on issues of truth, forgiveness and reconciliation. Lastly it was recommended that the Naga public demonstrate greater awareness, participation, and will for Naga reconciliation.
The participants during today’s meeting included Rev. VK Nuh, Rev. Phughoto Aye, Rev. Loli Kape, Rev. Dr. Wati Aier, Zhekheli Zhimomi, Vezalhü Chakhesang, T. Ningreichon, Somipam Lungleng, Puduhü Khuso, Phamring Sengul, Nepuni Piku, Neingulo Krome, Neikesanuo Sorhie, Mankai Wangsu, KS Paul Leo, Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa, Grace T. Shatsang, G. Vashum, Elias Lotha, Dr. K. Toshinaro Longchar, Dr. P Ngully, Dr. N. Venuh, Dr. Moang Aonok, C. Nyamto, B. Henshet Phom, Apise Sangtam, Aheto Sumi and Aküm Longchari.