Naga ‘Piece’ Process

I am constrained to write openly after giving a deep thought, thinking both from the heart and mind, that we Nagas have become a victim of ‘Narcacism’ (A Syndrome / disease where a man falls in love with himself). We Nagas have fallen so much in love with ourselves and our confused misguided thoughts that we have turned a blind eye to the actual reality which is occurring in Nagaland.

The much hyped Naga Peace Process is declared by factions who are themselves fighting with each other. One wants Nagalim the other wants Nagaland. If Nagalim is got then the Konyaks and the Kheinmungans want to separate out, the Zeliangrongs want a separate status, such inherent problems which they are unable to solve will rip open Nagaland into two parts, a partition like North and South Vietnam ,North and South Korea and many more which history can quote. What one experiences here is not only regional division of land but a distinct attitude difference within us between the Haves and the Have-nots.

The Pseudo Naga Nationalists (The Haves) who have for their own self interests self exiled themselves in a foreign country where as their side kicks keep tormenting us, the poor common Naga, here at home (The Have-Nots). A glaring example is the recruitment of cadres into their fold. Isn’t it surprising that most of the children of the Haves are studying outside Nagaland enjoying all the comforts of the world and are not recruited as cadres in their groups, then why only our children are forced through gun point to be recruited and face the brunt in the killing fields of Nagai and get killed in the factional clashes? Or is it that the children of these Haves are less proud to be Nagas? Then why do we get targeted? This is not only a political but a mental divide being created by these so called liberators. Then what Peace Process are we talking about when the whole of Nagaland is being tom into pieces. Who is to be blamed?

We the common Naga or those Pseudo Naga Nationalists. There is a very famous saying “It is not only the activity of Rascals that damage the society but also the inactivity of the Good People that do equal damage”. So dear Naga brethren lets come out of the shell of ignorance or forced ignorance of the activities of the so called devoted self professed cadres and their Cry for Peace over our dead bodies and cries of agony inflicted by them, their trick of ‘Disintegrating’ us by their call for ‘Integration’. One really wonders, whether it is The Naga Peace Process or The Naga Piece Process?

Tali Longkumer, a victim of the Naga ‘Piece’ Process