Is Naga society losing its basic value system? Why?



Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    Yes. Lack of basic knowledge about our own Naga National History and Naga identity.

•    Yes. The world is looking at us. We're brave, friendly and loving people. Under no circumstances we shouldn't fell prey by politics & monetary propaganda to differ us from who we are and what people we belong to. We have our own Cultural and Religious practice and now we are loosing it. Let's keep in mind the world will judge us that Nagas can compromise with anything. That mindset of the world should change

•    Yes, because we the elders are not taking the moral responsibility of educating the young ones with our identity narrative stories which connects with our values and roots.

•    Yes. Narrow minded and greedy about money.

•    Yes. Due to non existence of work culture.

•    Yes. We have gone too far. Look at the peace talk, irrespective of many who sacrificed their lives for the cause of the Nagas, our people are veining with economic packages, another Niuland formula etc etc. Mind you, we will be curse by God. Don’t sell the blood of those who had gone for fighting for us.

•    Yes. People are exploited after money corrupted government. Countless organization. Fake faith.

•    Yes. Corruption has been institutionalized as accepted norm.

•    Yes. Love for money.

•    Yes. We have now been corrupted beyond the point of redemption. Greed has blinded us from seeing the threads that are controlling us like puppets. We have never been more gullible and so easy to manipulation. Whatever values we had are dead, humanity is lost and we are merely paraded on like blind rates with our love of money and power.

•    Yes. They r only after money

•    Yes. Copying after Indian systems, chasing Western and Korean pop culture has totally made nagas as wannabes.

•    Yes. Corruption, tribalism, westernization, groupism, debauchery, materialism, and self-centred youth, etc are some of many increasing and common place manifestations which show degrading value system in our society. There is a serious issue of value system in any given society when a collective wisdom is to lynched a convicted and imprisoned rapist and prevent women reservation; when corrupt officials and political elites are condoned by way of tribal identity; when youth are discouraged to express their minds; when ideas are democratized and people are a-listed instead of the other way round. Regardless of the fact that the state is laid down with superlative churches, ethics and morals have failed miserably in practices. Either the messengers are not competent and paying enough attention or individuals are not willing to seek meaningful life and simultaneously carry their crosses or maybe both cases.

•    Yes. Majority of us are blinded by materialism. All we care about is living life at ease. In our relentless pursuit of materialistic possessions and inclusion into the so-called "refined society,” we have made a mockery of our basic human values, including our cultural identity and most importantly our Christian faith.

•    Yes. Yes, because greed has being crowned the New King in Nagaland, the wild side of the world.
•    Yes, because there is no unity. 

•    Yes. Due to shifting of life style from traditional to modernity/westernization.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

•    No. Have other States lost their identity being in India?

•    No. Nagaland is under Indian laws and can be split further more to a territorial or state. therefore, Naga society is not losing its basic values instead we are going more forward civilization as Naga's are under Indian Constitution since statehood.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    I don’t know.

•    In one way, yes we do seem to be losing our touch with our culture. But on the other hand, moving forward we see that *some* of our customs and traditions do seem to be bad... Also, some people view progressing forward as "losing tradition".