Naga Solidarity Group denounces Quit Notice

From Naga Solidarity Group’s vantage point in the international community we stay committed supporters of Naga people’s sovereignty. We resolutely consider that this can be achieved through continuation of the peace talks at the Prime Minister’s level between the Indian government and the NSCN-IM. 

We again strongly denounce the “Quit Notice” issued by the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Khaplang) on 17 August 2006 and ask that these queries be fully addressed: 

1. Under whose authority has this “Quit Notice” been issued and what is their real intention? This notice resonates with other actions introduced by Indian agencies and will be of no benefit to Nagas. 

2. The cavalier use of the word “terrorist” in today’s world has sweeping and devastating consequences. As intricate as the Naga situation is, no one group can be blamed for 50 years of violent conflict. Labeling, stereotyping or categorical prejudice against a community as ‘terrorist’ is unconscionable and counter to the spirit of sovereignty.   Nagas live in a climate of fear and insecurity.

Why would the NSCN-K further seek to intentionally divide an already war torn society that is destabilized by inflicting even more harm? Until the notice is completely retracted the safety of all Naga persons, clans, tribes or groups is in jeopardy and cannot be guaranteed. Actions against one Naga sector, community or group will ultimately affect all of Nagaland. The NCSN-K will be held responsible for any actions causing more harm to the people of Nagaland. 

3. The August 17 Quit Notice must be retracted in its entirety as it harbors the intent of ethnic cleansing which the international community will not accept or tolerate. If not retracted, ultimately the NCSN-K will be held responsible for further destroying Naga culture and society from within its very midst.

James Brown, USA
Dino Latiri, Italy 
Thomas Labadie, France
Jacob Grebel, Germany
Thomas Johansen, Denmark
Julie Rickart, UK
Klaartje Koenig, The Netherlands
Marcus Betz, Germany
Sophia Kennell, Switzerland
Konrad Simons, Austria
Ricardo Torres, Chile
Esteban Arelleno, Mexico

On Behalf of the Naga Solidarity Group,