Naga Solidarity Group on ‘Quit Notice’

The Naga Solidarity Group vehemently opposes the “Quit Notice” issued by the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Kaplang) on 17 August 2006 for the following reasons:    

1.First, issuance of a “Quit Notice” is in keeping with Indian Government Policy of ‘divide and rule’ which inquests into who actually crafted this notice and what their true motives are.   

2.We seriously object to the broad and general use of the word ‘terrorist’. We concede the intricacy of the Naga situation. But, laying blame on one group or tribe for the arduous struggle Nagaland has experienced for over fifty years is too convenient, unethical and wrong. Nowhere in the world has a tribe or race or religion, as an entire population, which includes women, children and the elderly, been termed as ‘terrorists’. This policy is unconscionable and politically unacceptable. Isolating one specific tribe as ‘terrorist’ is consistent with Indian counter-insurgency policy, making the NSCN (Kaplang) an extension thereof, and working on India’s behalf. This sort of action is comparable to the ‘ethnic cleansing’ policy and the decision must be retracted immediately.   

3. Issuance of the “Quit Notice” by the NSCNs (Kaplang) shows their lack of support for Naga unity and sovereignty. We oppose the tribalist language of the “Quit Notice” which wrongly singles out one specific tribe - the Tangkhuls - who are part of Naga culture and society. Issuing them a “Quit Notice” exposes the NSCN’s (Kaplang) policy of tribalism and intolerance. Issuing this notice destabilizes attaining sovereignty. A sovereign Nagaland would not only be for Nagas but for other nationalities who wish to settle in Nagaland. Nagas must exhibit the ability to respect all Naga tribes and non-Nagas equally. Naga people must condemn all such policies that propagate ethnic-cleansing, and would push attaining sovereignty further behind.   

4. The occasion for Nagas to find an acceptable solution is possible only because political talks are taking place at the Prime Ministers’ level between the Indian government and the NSCN (Issac-Muiva). The international community supports the continuation of these talks and this effort for lasting peace Nagaland.    

5. In summary, the 17 August notice shows intent of ethnic cleansing which the international community will not accept or tolerate. This policy and practice only benefits India reeking unnecessary harm and suffering of many more innocent Nagas for which the NSCN (Kaplang) will ultimately be held responsible. This “Quit Notice” must be immediately retracted in its entirety.   

James Brown, USA
Dino Latiri, Italy 
Thomas Labadie, France
Jacob Grebel, Germany
Thomas Johansen, Denmark
Julie Rickart, UK
Klaartje Koenig, The Netherlands
Marcus Betz, Germany
Sophia Kennell, Switzerland
Konrad Simons, Austria
Ricardo Torres, Chile
Esteban Arelleno, Mexico 

On Behalf of the Naga Solidarity Group    
Dated: 21 August 2006