2 years of PDA govt in Nagaland: A patchy report card

Nagaland: 2 years of PDA: A patchy report card

Nagaland: 2 years of PDA: A patchy report card

Morung Express News
Dimapur | March 7 

Party manifestos are a contract with the electorate, and the Progressive Democratic Alliance (PDA) Government rose to power in Nagaland two years ago riding on a wave of promises. How far has the government kept that bond? 

Exactly a year ago today, The Morung Express published a special edition analyzing the performance of the PDA’s performance in several sectors over a period of one year. 

A year on, follow ups on some of those same key issues, on which the government promised ‘change,’ showed that in some areas there was progress, but in many, a lot was left wanting. The sectors in question range from infrastructure and industry to disability rights and the development of sports.  

Assessing the progress of these sectors resulted in a patchy report card for the PDA on its two year anniversary.  While incremental progress was seen in some sectors, major policy pledges were yet to be achieved. 

For instance, the road sector saw progress, especially in the urban areas. There were also positive moves visible on disability rights, albeit with the caveat of assessing actual change on the ground. When it came to industry, sport and aviation, despite activity on some level, the major policy pledge was nowhere to be seen. 

To top it off, information on other promises in the 2018 ‘contract’—setting up a Centre for Peace and Non Violence, and asset declaration of legislators—were not available. Queries on the latter two assurances drew no response from the Chief Minister’s Office, with officials stating that they were “not authorized” to speak. 

A couple of days from now however, the PDA is set to hold an anniversary celebration at the Niathu Resort in Chümoukedima where they will perceivably be authorized to flaunt their achievements.     


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