Nagaland: 4th Brillante Piano Festival commences

Master classes and workshop conducted as part of 4th edition of the Brillante Piano Festival in Kohima. (Morung Photo)

Master classes and workshop conducted as part of 4th edition of the Brillante Piano Festival in Kohima. (Morung Photo)

Morung Express news 
Kohima | September 30 

The 4th edition of the Brillante Piano Festival began on Friday with talented pianists from across the globe and piano aficionado participants in a host of events including competitions, performances and pedagogy all in one edition. 

Speaking about the festival, Khyochano TCK, Founder and Director said that the Brillante Piano Festival is a synchronisation of the old and new, how culture is in momentum of how in the modern age too, we can stay connected to western traditions of music learning yet have space for our culture to continue.

It surpasses beyond what entertainment and capturing people but curated in such a way that has meaningful engagement in the areas of learning, and propel and accelerate talents while having a balance of reaching out. 

She said the Brillante looks as an element of inspiration and motivation and act as a catalyst to bring innovative pathways for our youths. 

The festival also looks at bringing out the level of the competition so that the participants can compete at par with other countries without having to depend on government support or backups, Tck added. 

Speaking about the piano competition where the finals will be held tomorrow, participants from 7 states-Assam, Meghalaya, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, New Delhi, Chennai are participating in the western classical category and jazz both senior and juniors. 

Over 80 performers playing in the concerts, Warrior dancers accompanied by piano and drum and Brass music band of the Assam Rifles on tour including acclaimed pianists from the state, national and internally are participating at the concert. 

One of the highlights of the festival featured Artists with special needs with performance from SAM choir, Prodigal Home and Luminist Ensemble, and three blind artists on piano, electric guitar and voice. This inclusion is an initiation to celebrate the spirit and talent of musicians with special needs but not just to see them as people with special needs but as musicians. 

“Music has no boundaries. It sees the unseen and speaks the unspoken. It is one of the most powerful tools to build bridges between people,” the founder said. 

The pedagogy sees a host of workshops and master classes by Pradyumna Singh Manot, a Latin jazz pianist, composer, and music educator; Aki Spadaro an academically specialized curriculum designer and trainer in modern piano; Dr Adam J Greig, Scottish pianist, musicologist, and director and other acclaimed musicians including Almu Dena and Jatziri, Zingrin Shishak Priya and Anuvrat, Sachin Das, Anjli Mata, Gerardo another acclaimed music and pianist, Sumbul and Prof Dr Dinesh, Roheth Kandwal and Nise Meruno. 

Pedagogy classes included topics on piano techniques for beginners and early students, sound healing, jazz, making music, piano performance and stage crafts, tuning systems among others.