Nagaland celebrates World Bamboo Day

Bamboo is an important green resource for Nagaland covering every strata of the society.

Bamboo is an important green resource for Nagaland covering every strata of the society.

Chümoukedima, September 18 (MExN): Organised by Nagaland Bamboo Development Agency (NBDA), World Bamboo Day was celebrated at Nagaland Bamboo Resource Centre, Chümoukedima on September 18.

On the celebration of the day, ‘Bamboo Entrepreneur Award 2023’ was awarded to Mhaleu Metha and Bambooo SHG Award 2023 was awarded to Yimkum, Aitlenden, Tuli respectively, stated a DIPR report.

Speaking as the special guest, Principal Secretary & Development Commissioner, R Ramakrishnan IAS highlighted that World Bamboo Day serves not only as a platform for raising awareness about the importance of bamboo but also promoting its role in sustainable development, poverty alleviation, environmental conservation and cultural preservation.

World Bamboo Day was established by the efforts of the World Bamboo Organization to promote bamboo as a valuable and versatile resource on September 18, 2009 during the World Bamboo Congress which was officially declared as World Bamboo Day, he informed. Following the declaration, World Bamboo Day gained recognition and support from bamboo organisations, environmental groups, governments and bamboo promoters worldwide and the day was dedicated to promote the sustainable and versatile uses of bamboo, he added.

The day aims to promote and increase awareness about the diverse uses of bamboo, from construction and furniture making to textiles and culinary applications, emphasises the economic potential of bamboo for communities and businesses, and recognises the cultural significance in various societies and its role in traditional crafts, music and rituals, Ramakrishnan said. 

Since bamboo is often a habitat for various wildlife species, celebrating bamboo further highlights the importance of conserving bamboo forests for biodiversity, encourages research and innovation in bamboo-related industries and fosters collaboration among government institutions, organisations and individuals to promote the responsible cultivation and use of bamboo resources, he stated.

Further, he said that bamboo is an important green resource for Nagaland covering every strata of the society. Taking cognizance of this important fact, the Nagaland Bamboo Development Agency (NBDA) has been taking initiatives to harness the potential of bamboo and its benefits, following the guidelines of the National Bamboo Mission, Government of India. 

Since inception, the agency has been substantial progress with all its initiatives with the assistance of National Bamboo Mission and National Mission on Bamboo Applications. Faced with innumerable challenges during the initial phase, the Agency has now become a household name and embraced by many as a viable avenue for building lives.

He mentioned that, the NBDA has achieved a number of commendable milestones within its short period of existence. In the process, it has successfully roped in many entrepreneurs on board in all its major production initiatives including bamboo handicrafts and furniture, bamboo shoot, bamboo charcoal, bamboo mat, bamboo incense sticks, bamboo blinds, etc. Through the length and breadth of the State, the agency has been reaching out to local artisans, farmers and various Self-Help Groups through assistance, training and skill-up gradation. 

Another major initiative of the NBDA is its marketing strategy which looks at collaborating with private marketing houses and entrepreneurs and has been making significant progress. The agency has also been creating awareness on the ecological benefits of bamboo through various campaigns involving NGOs, students and green innovators.

The NBDA plans to promote the bamboo industry on a large scale through various schemes and programmes, for which the active participation of the entrepreneurs is a must to see the success of any such venture. The agency plans to establish an integrated bamboo park through the assistance of the funding agencies and establish a bamboo pulp production centre.

NBDA is presently establishing a state-of-the-art cane and bamboo technology park in the Nagaland Bamboo Resource Centre, he stated. The agency has an impressive track record with the National Bamboo Mission and has received Excellent Achievement Award this year at the International Agriculture & Horti Expo held in New Delhi in the month of July. 

He thanked the artisans and entrepreneurs who have taken up bamboo as a form of livelihood and wish them all success in cultivation, trade promotion and sustainable development of bamboo.

NBDA, Chairman, Nuzota Swuro in his short speech said that bamboo is an important green resource from various contexts for Nagaland covering every strata of the society. The focus of the Government on bamboo in the North East becomes imperative owing to the presence of the largest percentage of bamboo in the country along the length and breadth of the North East, the inherent traditional knowledge of the people towards bamboo, the rich culture and lifestyle of the region associated with bamboo.

He added that, in this context that NBDA intends to address these pertinent issues by way of taking initiatives in the area of bamboo development in the State. The objective is to promote the inherent skills of the bamboo artisans and help them market their products most effectively, and thereby improve the overall economy of the community besides technology intervention and skill development.

He congratulated bamboo artisans, craftsmen and entrepreneurs who are already earning a sustainable livelihood through this industry and wish that many more will be encouraged to join the green bandwagon.

The programme started with World Bamboo Day flag hoisting at the NBRC Office Complex by R Ramakrishnan, welcome address by Mission Director, NBDA, Tarep Imchen, IAS and note on 'World Bamboo Day' by team member, NBDA, Er Vezota Khusoh.