Nagaland CM writes to Chidambaram, Ibobi

Dimapur, May 27 (MExN): Chief Minister of Nagaland Neiphiu Rio today wrote to Home Minister of India P Chidambaram and chief Minister of Manipur Okram Ibobi Singh over issues related to Rio’s scheduled May 28 visit to Manipur state. Copies of separate faxes addressed to Chidambaram and Singh were received here today.
To Home Minister P Chidambaram, Rio requested that the former prevail upon the Manipur government not to have any apprehension about the chief minister’s visit. “I would be grateful if you can prevail upon the government of Manipur not to have any apprehension about the nature and purpose of my visit and not to create any obstacle to the smooth conduct of the party function at Senapati,” the chief minister stated in the letter.
To Manipur Chief Minister Ibobi Singh, Rio pacified the jumpy Manipur government that the NPF’s Senapati function is only a democratic motion and activity, peaceful and one that would not create any law and order situation in Senapati.
Rio stated – “The function will be a peaceful and democratic party function and I am confident that it will not create any law and order situation in Senapati. In this connection, I request you to kindly understand the peaceful and goodwill intention of the event and extend your cooperation for our visit.”  
“Since all preparations for the function have already been made well in advance involving substantial expenditures, and since many dignitaries and party representatives have already started their journey to participate in the function, I am unable to comply with the request of the Manipur government to defer/postpone our visit,” Rio added.
Tension in Manipur-Nagaland border
Newmai News Network
Imphal | May 27

Tension is building up in the state with Manipur government sending forces to bar the launching of Naga People’s Front (NPF) in Manipur. A large number of security forces have reportedly reached the Manipur-Nagaland border from Imphal to bar the entry of Nagaland chief minister Neiphiu Rio and his team into Manipur territory for the launching of the Manipur unit of NPF at Senapati headquarters slated for May 28.
This move of the Manipur government is a follow-up action of Thursday’s all-political parties meeting of Manipur which said the meeting studied the aims and objects of the NPF enumerated on its constitution and pointed out the article II (2)(c) which states, “To work for unity and integrity of the people by integrating all contiguous Naga inhabited areas under one administrative roof and also to provide protection to all the ethnic groups who are indigenous inhabitants of the State.”
Reacting to this particular article, the political parties’ meeting said that this provision challenges the territorial integrity of neighbouring north east states like Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur. “On this count, opening of the NPF unit in Manipur State at Senapati is strongly opposed by the meeting as it would lead to instability of Manipur State and spread disharmony among different communities therein.”
Meanwhile, Manipur opposition leader and Manipur People’s Party (MPP) legislator O Joy accused the NSCN-IM of using a political party to create law and order problem in Manipur. Joy said the NSCN-IM after its failure to create Greater Nagaland is using a political party to achieve its goal.
Rio to go ahead with Senapati visit
Dimapur, May 27 (MExN): Chief Minister of Nagaland Neiphiu Rio will attend the Naga People’s Front (NPF) party function in Manipur’s Senapati district on May 28, “irrespective” of whether the Manipur government would extend security protocol to him. Yesterday, the Government of Manipur had asked the Nagaland government to defer the chief minister’s scheduled visit to Senapati citing “highly volatile situation” in Manipur “particularly in Senapati district.”   
Chief Secretary of Nagaland Lalthara issued a copy of a brief letter addressed to the chief secretary of Manipur stating Neiphiu Rio’s decision. The letter stated the chief minister’s decision to be in Senapati for the NPF function “irrespective” of whether the Manipur government “can provide” the needful security entitled to him as chief minister and as a VIP in Z-plus category. The letter also reminded the Manipur government that the party is not ‘Nagaland people’s front’ but ‘Naga People’s Front.’
 “The issue was discussed by me with the chief minister of Nagaland… After taking due consideration of the request by Manipur government for postponement of the visit, the chief minister of Nagaland intends to attend the function at Senapati on May 28 in order to fulfill his prior commitment, irrespective of whether the Manipur government can provide the necessary security entitled to him as chief minister and as a VIP in Z-Plus category.
The chief minister will take his own normal security entourage during the tour,” the Nagaland government’s letter informed.
The letter also clarified that the constitution of the NPF party was amended in 2009 where the name of the party has been changed from Nagaland Peoples’ Front to Naga Peoples’ Front’.” In addition, the letter said, “in terms of Article A (1) of its emended constitution, any citizen of the ‘country’ (and not ‘Nagaland’) as reported in many newspapers today can be members of the NPF party.” The letter requested the Manipur government official to bring the stated detail to all in concern “so that unnecessary misgivings about the visit are avoided.”   
Manipur Government writes again to defer Rio visit
Dimapur, May 27 (MExN): The Government of Manipur has written again to the Government of Nagaland urging the chief minister of Nagaland to defer his visit to Senapati in Manipur for reasons of security. Chief Secretary of Manipur DS Poonia wrote to his Nagaland counterpart today citing reasons why chief minister Neiphiu Rio ought not to visit Manipur.
The reasons included, aside from security concerns, “overstretched” and “limited availability” of Manipur state police personnel, lack of consultations with the Manipur Director General of Police, among others. The tripartite talks of the Home Ministry of India, Manipur Government and the United Naga council was also mentioned as reasons the NPF could consider deferring the program to a later date, according to the letter. 
Referring to Nagaland government’s response to Manipur government’s earlier request, Poonia’s letter said the Manipur state cabinet has expressed serious concern that the chief minister of Nagaland has decided to visit Senapati “despite the strong reservations on security grounds” conveyed by the Manipur government.
“The Cabinet was even more concerned that the chief minister of Nagaland has decided to bring his own Nagaland police security entourage on the tour to Senapati, Manipur. It was noted that there has been no consultation on the entry of Nagaland police with the DGP, Manipur. This is considered necessary to avoid any conflict between the two state police forces,” the Manipur government letter stated.
The letter said that the DGP of Manipur has assessed that the visit of the Nagaland chief minister, ministers, MP, MLAs and NPF officials to Senapati just a few weeks before the observation of “Great June Uprising Day” and “Unity Day” in Imphal “is bound to create serious law and order problems in Manipur state.” The launch of the NPF’s office in Senapati could vitiate the “already sensitive and highly volatile law and order situation currently prevailing in Senapati district,” the chief secretary stated. 
Further, the assessment of the district administration of Senapati, the letter said, “indicates” that any small incident during the political function may lead to breach of peace. “Given the limited availability of state police personnel, the district administration will find it difficult to provide full proof security. Specific and serious concern has been expressed regarding the security of honorable chief minister, Nagaland who is placed in Z-Plus category,” the government of Manipur stated.
The Manipur Cabinet took note of the assessment of the DGP and the Senapati administration and “the fact that the Manipur police is already overstretched.”
After careful consideration, the letter stated, the Manipur Cabinet “directed that the state government of Nagaland be advised once again categorically to reconsider their rigid stand and defer the proposed visit by honorable chief minister, Nagaland and the NPF function at Senapati.”
The Manipur Cabinet has suggested that any date for the function be decided on “in consultation with the state government of Nagaland” in the interest of “friendly relations between the two neighboring states,” the letter said.