Is Nagaland Government doing enough to provide access to safe and adequate water supply in the state?



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•    No. Nagaland is a state which is covered with forest which would provide sufficient needs to its people. There are certain areas where the water tanks keep overflowing while on some area the pipes are not being reached. Nagaland Govt is not doing its role here to provide a basic need to its people,  where the pipes cannot be reach they should work on to construct reservoir and dig wells for the communities which are in need.

•    Is that even a real question? No

•    No. It's been almost a year we the Dimapurian are facing no water supply since November 2018 and there has been nothing done from the government side to the common people.

•    No. I think we all know what the reason always sums up to. The moment we stop writing these "reasons" and acknowledge with confrontation to those that mismanage funding, that will be progress.

•    No. Not in the bigger towns and city. No proper water treatment system and Lack of planning in water distribution system.

•    No. So hard to get a PHED water connection (no points, too far, cost too much, etc.) and even if a pipeline is connected, the supply is erratic. Govt has to come up with another system of providing water by securing some kind of deal where the owners of sources of water receive a fair share of the income generated annually or otherwise. People are left to their own devices to buy water at exorbitant prices.  This should not be the norm.

•    No. There is scarcity of water in the state capital.

•    No. PHE only duty is to provide safe water to the public, but it failed miserably. 

•    No... Kohima being a capital is facing water shortage. Its a shame to call it capital.

•    No, not at all..instead they are not even caring the already existing one... once used to be adequate.

•    No, I don't think so. There are shortage of water supply in many villages.

•    No. A big no. There is no water supply system since September last year. Its going to be one year. We have to survive by purchasing water from third parties. This is only done on the context of construction of new road. I am a consumer of PHE. Lets the government give response to it.

•    Never. It is better to abolished or wipe out the word Water Supply in the government budgets.

•    No way; if we depend on govt ; we cudve died long ago. Money is pump for various projects under various schemes in crores; but wr see palatial buildings coming up of official involved; but water supply systems remains; an unfulfilled dreams. whom to blame?

•    Not at all... We suffer when it rains, we suffer when its hot.

•    Never never ever in my Life Time. So it's a "Big Fat No"

•    No, Because it has shortage of supply.

•    No. Government must make sure that adequate water supply is available during the dry season as well & citizens must be sensitize more on the need of water harvesting. Drying of streams and river water source is a major environmental concern which must be an utmost priority to preserve, conserve & protect the environment.

•    No. Nagaland government belongs to a political group known as Talkers. They only know how to show off, they do not care and they will never care. It does not make any sense to share an opinion about pork, paper, fame, class lovers because they will take it for granted.


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•    Do we have water supply in Nagaland?

•    In my Dream every household had water connection and sufficient water alas! It was a dream in real life we are not sure water can be supplied.

•    When where how? I remember only buying water!

•    You may kindly leave out safe drinking water, even if they could supply raw water, it can be treated at home. All Hill station towns in Nagaland depend on buying water from private sellers, Dimapur at least has Wells. Getting potable water from PHE is a distant dream I guess.

•    In Dimapur most of us have our own water supply by way of ring wells or Bore wells. and as far as I have seen in many other districts of our state that I have been to, majority of them buy water from private suppliers who brings it to them right at their doorstep. So whom do the govt supply water to?

•    What are you talking about! Water Water Water, in Mon, we get water, that also a cup each, in the morning and evening, for cooking food. The rest of the water is for 'Nalla'. And DC, ADC MLA, Etc at present the main Line is damage, and for how long it'll remain damage, Only PHED Dept, and the spirit knows. We have to survive by rain water.

•    No, not even in dreams. Comparing with other places we are bless with enough sources. The govt interest is very low, ownership adding fuel to the fire. Politics consumers another. Now private is flourishing well in the business. Water is not man-made. Misusing cross will be heavy. High time citizens factionalism should be done away and wake up together. Even Nagas capital climate is reeling.

•    Why do you want to depend on the state.

•    Make your own water collection ponds this will enable the underground aquifers and water table to be full in addition to utilizing. Every village and town should have at least 3 large water bodies collecting at various parts. Rainwater harvesting is a must.

•    Huuuooo! I just back home from jungle fetching water.

•    Safe and Adequate Water Supply? There is no water supply at all. Buying water has become one of the highest monthly expenditure of many families even our Capital town. Many are left at the mercy of mother nature to receive free water supply from above.

•    Where's the pipe?