Is the Nagaland Government solely responsible for the state’s collapsing infrastructure? Why?

Some of those who Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes, Nagaland government is solely responsible for the State’s collapsing infrastructure. At times, the public is blamed for demanding money during election but that is just negligible amount of state economy though voting for money is wrong too. The lion’s share of money meant for development goes to the Legislator’s pocket. Their moveable and immoveable assets speak volumes of how they have robbed the public who voted them to power. Let’s reason together and see if the present representatives of the people deserve to be voted to power again?? Lack of electricity, lack of any good road even highways, lack of water supply, substandard govt school infrastructure, etc in the state makes one wonder how can the guardians of the public be so heartless and shameless?  

• Yes. No second guess. Corrupted Govt officals, contractors and to some extend public.  

• Yes. And Govt includes the underground factions. Shame on the so called freedom fighters, misappropriating funds meant for development by deducting percentages from all sanctioned projects. Shame on you for even harassing the local entrepreneurs. Shame on you for being a hypocrite. They are a thorn in our society and need to be rid of. All these factions don't serve any purpose except destroy the society for their own vested interest.  

• Yes. Because our govt is been run by a bunch of idiots. We have the wrong persons manning our Government.• Who are the govt? we cant trust our government.  

• Yes. All are corrupt from top to bottom.  

• Yes... the onus is entirely on our prefilled idiots who think they are running the govt in the right way.  The public are the sole victim.  

• Yes. Because they made no infrastructure at all except they are fighting for their own benefits might is right!  

• Yes. No need for guilt tripping the public here. To the politicians, yes you may have spent personal money during elections but why do you need to recover 100 times more than that? Is there not even a conscience?  Atleast have some decency and civility to do your part after you've recovered, instead of building illegitimate empire for you and your children. To the bureaucrats, you buffoons, what "entitles" you to misappropriate public funds for your own and your childrens' aggrandizement. It's a fact that with your salaries you and your children can have a decent and comfortable life but, not a luxurious and lavish lifestyle.  

• Yes, the government and it is always the government that is primarily responsible for safeguarding public infrastructure. Is it not the reason why citizens pay tax to the state. The problem with Nagaland is that people here do not pay income tax to the government and so we think that the state government has not obligation. But dont forget we are all paying all other forms of tax directly and indirectly to the government. The government therefore is solely responsible for the collapsing infrastructure in Nagaland.  

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No, because government need public support and co-operation.  

• No. The entire blame cannot be the government. The public too for the better part lack civic sense. We too are responsible for selling our souls to the devil.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

• It will be incorrect to put all the blame on those in authority. The public is fairly responsible for the present status of our state. Its a shame that people only think about their own progress and selfish development. This is especially true for those in power- like politicians, village leaders, union bodies and the list goes on.  

• The ignorant public is equally complicit.  

• Both the Government and Public solely responsible...  

• We are all to take collective responsibilities for the collapsing infrastructure. While it is the government which has miserably failed the people, it is also the lack of interest and actions by the people that has led the people in power to exploit the people.  The state government should own responsibility in uplifting the state and also have a sense of 'guilt' when exploiting the resources. Citizens should be educated of their rights and direct their energy in building a better state, people should stop looking for easy money but strive to work in areas which promises a secured future. Right now everyone is involved in a blame game and all energy focused on the wrong things. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"