Nagaland: Govt reviewing status and performance of schools

Kevileno Angami along with teachers and SMC members during the upgradation programme of GMS CWSN, Lerie, Kohima on January 29 last. (Morung Photo)

Kevileno Angami along with teachers and SMC members during the upgradation programme of GMS CWSN, Lerie, Kohima on January 29 last. (Morung Photo)

‘Schools not functioning well even with requisite resources to be merged or closed down’

Morung Express news 
Kohima | February 1 

The State government is currently undertaking an exercise to review the status and performance of schools in Nagaland, and those schools not functioning well even with requisite resources will be merged or closed down. After such exercise, in December last year, four Government Primary schools were closed down. 

This was disclosed by Kevileno Angami, Commissioner & Secretary, School Education and SCERT, Government of Nagaland during the upgradation programme of Government Middle School for Children with Special Needs (CWSN), Lerie Kohima and launching of Class VI at the school premises on January 29 last.

The Commissioner & Secretary said ‘government is rationalising the distribution of teachers in the Government schools and to see if even after placing requisite placement of schools, whether the schools are functioning well or not.’ ‘Such schools, if still not functioning well, will be closed down,’ she reiterated. 

As for UDISE 2023 Report, there are about 1026 Government Primary schools and 606 GMS and in Kohima town itself, and there are about 10 GPS and 10 GMS. 

“In Nagaland, there are many GPS, GMS and High schools in all the habitations across the state. However, not all are functioning properly because we have not been able to consolidate the resources provided by the Government,” she said. 

‘Government schools in the past were much sought after and were the pride of the State. In the past, our pioneers and leaders all received formal education from Government schools,” she maintained. 

Speaking about, National Education Policy, 2020, she stated that human resource development is critical for the socio-economic development of our country and society and education is the catalyst for human resource development.

“It is about the access to education, inclusive education, bringing all stakeholders including the community, teachers, parents, Government and students in one platform so that we can deliver quality education to our students. NEP talks about inclusive education which is already present in the school,” she said while adding, ‘it strives to imparting vocational skills to students which the government is incorporating in the curriculum.’

She also noted that the upgradation at GMS CWSN Lerie was possible because of the hard work of all the stakeholders. She thanked the community for the support that is giving to strengthen the school to bring up a cohesive society. This is encouraging, especially for urban societies to replicate and also for the government to document and sent it the ministry, she stated.

Speaking about special education, she said ‘it is a challenging area and in this regard, the government is also endeavouring to address the issue.’ She however said, ‘the government alone cannot address the issues without the support of the rest of the stakeholders.’ 

In accordance to the needs of special teachers, she also said as per the laid down requirement set by the ministry, the State Government is also unable to make new recruitment. Therefore, she said that in the days to come, more training on special education will be made to the teachers by looking into the various abilities of the children. 

Earlier, the programme was chaired by Kedivi Mekro, Teacher Incharge and short speeches were delivered by Chairperson, School Management Committee, Meduhele Solo and Lerie Panchayat, Chairman, Kevilezo Terhukhano. Member SMC, Supou Khiam delivered vote of thanks and the teachers presented songs.