Nagaland receiving the Infamous Award with the highest rate of unemployment in the country

Imli Lkr

The current tag of being the state with the highest rate of unemployment is just shocking but predictable news for our state. So our questions and foremost priority at this stage will be how do we create employment ,whether self employment or private companies to create job, for this what according to me is proper skill training of the unemployed youths, state create an eco-system where our youth are given the opportunity to expand Their ideas and help them create industrial unit, companies workplace where through that they will be able to generate their livelihood and also employ others . We Nagas are known for our workmanship and creativity but what is needed is a little motivation to kill the laziness, greed, and over-confidence. Over the years we have seen and heard non-locals getting employed and rich using our land and resources why can't we be like them. Just for an example there is a Bihari in Nagaland who just use his home utensils, vegetable cutter, an umbrella and few kilos of chana to start and earn his livelihood, his only motivation I will have to work to live, we cannot expect miracle to solve our problem , we all as the great Naga society should work to create the miracle to solve our problems. This unemployment problem, if we a analyse it properly it is just like a pandora box which has got lots of bad gift for our people...

Jon Longchar

The only solution is this.... Parents, please kick your 25 years or graduated sons and daughters out of your home and DON'T feed them after kicking out. So their option are:

1. Beg

2. Steal or

3. Earn.

The choice of those option will directly depend on how parents have brought up their children and what have been taught at home consciously or unconsciously, full stop

Sunep Jamir Naga

70000K unemployed youth... But hey Nagaland with 20 lakhs population, I have never seen a local male doing tailoring and stitching formal coat suit, I hardly find any local youth fixing electronics and electrical goods. Hardly one or two local cobblers, not more than 10 professional barber and almost 70% of auto rickshaw and taxi drivers are non-local.

Everything in Nagaland depends on the government, even music. The government had spent crores of rupees for the music industry but the profit we generate from our music industry is less than the investment. All most all the international music tour are also financed by the government draining our economy. I don't think international bands like Petra, firehouse and Mr Big landed in Nagaland financed by the American government.

90% of Japanese and Taiwanese are skilled workers. In Nagaland less than 1% are skilled workers. I think out of 70000 unemployed some Naga youth can go for tailoring and garment manufacturing, some can be employed as a mechanic to repair automobile and bike, we need technicians who can repair electrical and electronic equipment too. We often take about illegal immigrants but when we search for someone who can do these jobs, it's sad that we can't find any local who are skilled in these jobs. Many Naga youth have also completed their MBA but remain unemployed after their parents spent lakhs of rupees for them, perhaps they might be searching for government jobs or as managers in multi-national companies. But hey I find that most of the shops in Kohima and Dimapur are run by Bangladeshi Immigrants who did not even study upto class V. The government needs to invest heavily on skill development, setting up more and more skill development centers instead of degree colleges which will create more unemployment in the near future..

Libenthung Yanthan

High unemployment rate seem to suggest that there is a excess supply of labour in the market. But the actual situation is a bit different. As per ILO, a person is considered to have entered a job market only when she/he is looking to be employed. In Nagaland, truly speaking, we are yet to have a 'real' job market. The number of people seeking to enter the job market therefore appears exaggerated. The problem of Nagaland is more of labour redundancy created by faulty education, government apathy and misguided cultural standards.The ecosystem that can enable job creation (i.e. create demand for labour) is also non-existent (under-developed at best). The irrelevance of our labour force is further aggravated by problems unique to societies in conflict zones - crime & violence discourage business activity & entrepreneurship.

Peter Rutsa

No, Nagaland does not have the highest Unemployment rate in India! Nagaland just happens to be a state of the Indian union where literate nagas assume holding jobs other than a government job is still unemployment.

And yes, Nagaland also happens to be a state where most nagas think 'getting an education' entitles everyone to a government job!

Yanpvuo Kikon

It is mostly the parents who spoil their kids... even if their kids are 30 years old they don't care even if the grown ass kid is sitting doing nothing and not earning a penny as long as the excuse of “Preparing for exams” is given...

This embarrassing culture of “Am doing nothing” after one has crossed 18 years of age should stop!

After we have become a fully grown adult after 18 years of age we should do any damn work - Be it a taxi driver or waiter or labourer or volleyball captain or Sunday school teacher or whatever.

Even I started from the bottom with very meagre salary that too after engineering where I had to pay for my own rent, cook my own food, clean my house, wash clothes, travel 45 kms to office in Pune with 12-14 hours at work and reached breaking point... with hardly any money left to buy new shoes also.

Multiple times I thought of leaving the slave kind of job and returning home to live a comfortable life but I'm glad I stayed back and worked outside for 8+ years which has given me enough knowledge and experience which I can utilize in small ways to serve our people.

Our parents must stop turning our kids into soft & tender boiled eggs.. but teach them to toughen up, struggle a bit on their own and train them to go through the most difficult survival situations then only collectively we can become a tougher, resilient people.

Always seeking for comfort will turn us into lazy and weak incapable bunch of people who can be easily trampled upon and colonized by new world superpowers.

Stephen AhyuloKent Nzonyu

No government employment-Understood since there is a saturation point in every organisation.

Private investment-Storing resources for freedom Nagaland, is it gonna happen?...even if we get, better not start from raw & industrialisation could begin scientifically without much harm on nature...

Entrepreneurship-Common people find it hard to complete with outsiders who has already established their based long back, another it involves "Money#NPG#Government" and this is not everyone cup of tea...

Bye Nagaland, certainly not a place for poor people!