Nagaland’s silk to play up economy

Kohima, December 23 (MExN): Seeing tremendous potential in the development of silk (of Eri) in Nagaland, the department of sericulture is giving special emphasis to it. During the annual plan period 2007-08, the production target is expected to reach 150 MT of cocoon and 1200 MT of Eri pupae with a face value of Rs. 195.00 Lakh for cocoon and Rs. 960.00 Lakh for pupae respectively, according to the administrative report of the sericulture department.

The report said sericulture is a labor intensive agro-industry and is generally a rural-based activity normally practiced by farmers in the rural areas. The activities being labor intensive, it provides ample scope for generation of maximum employment opportunities. It also ensures greater rate of returns to farmers as well as promote self-reliance. Sericulture, with its vast potential for employment generation, can play a vital role in alleviating rural properly. It has a unique advantages and suitability to rural set-up.

In its production processes, sericulture makes a long chain of interdependent specialized operation like nurturing silkworm food plants, silkworm seed production, silkworm rearing and cocoon production, silk reeling and spinning, twisting, weaving, printing, dyeing, finishing and marketing. For a smooth production chain, various operations require human skill, input support, technological intervention, technical assistance and most importantly easy availability of finance, besides a sound extension back-up.

The most-amazing feature of sericulture activities is the low capital investment in multiple crops-harvest with high production returns. This rightly fits into the socio-economic structure of rural areas and also works as an effective tool for employment generation, to uplift the economy and improve their livelihood, the report added.