Nagas are their own threat

Dimapur, Jan 31 (MExN): “We are our own threat” and unless the Nagas become aware of this and ‘rectify mistakes’, they are bound to fail. This was the message put across at the 28th ‘NSCN Day’ observed today at Camp Hebron with NSCN-IM Chairman Isak Chishi Swu and General Secretary Th. Muivah addressing the occasion. A silent prayer was also observed in paying homage and in remembrance of martyrs. 

God has His own will and purpose for the Nagas, but if they fail in their part, they will also fail in purpose, he said.  “Isak may die, Muivah may die, but the future of the Naga nation cannot die, for the fate of a nation cannot be destined to an end with a leaders or a person. Today the serious threat to us is not anyone else but among ourselves. Unless the Nagas become aware of what, where and how, we are bound to fall” he forewarned. He concluded by saying it is high time to “rectify our mistakes and submit to our Lord for if we do not abide by Him, as He lifted us, we will be pulled pull down”. He called on the Nagas to unite in Lord Jesus Christ. “Unless we clearly understand our political course, we are doom to fail and fall” he said and asserting that God was with the Nagas and the NNC “but they failed in God’s desire for us and signed the Shillong Accord”.

Chairman Swu, also addressing the gathering dwelled on the history of the NSCN. He said that Nagas have crossed cross three stages in their political history: the first stage was the Naga Club when the Nagas asserted their inalienable rights as an independent people. The second stage was the formation of the NNC during which the Naga people declared independence reaffirmed through the NNC. The third stage appeared when the NNC “betrayed the Naga people mandate” and signed the Shillong Accord. “On failure of Mr. Phizo, the President of NNC, to condemn this treacherous Accord, despite repeated appeals by the Naga peoples, to resuscitate and rescue the Naga people’s political right, the NSCN was formed” an NSCN-IM MIP note stated.