Nagas in Cambodia holds 18th annual meet

Newmai News Network
Imphal | April 17
Nagas in Cambodia (NACAM) held its 18th annual meet on April 13 and 14 at Siem Reap, Cambodia's famous historical city. Altogether 64 individuals, including adults and children, attended the yearly meet for two days of fun and Nagas' family bonding. The Nagas residing in Siem Reap province hosted the event.

A statement issued to Newmai News Network stated that on April 13, the Siem Reap Pastors Fellowship Team and the 'Nagas in Cambodia Team' played a charity football exhibition match. Donations and contributions to the charity exhibition match assist Angkor Children Hospital.

The Sunday devotional session featured a powerful sermon from Gihuka Swu, a senior Naga missionary in Cambodia. He challenged and inspired the participants to live a Christian life and to share the Gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Lord's Supper was then observed, officiated by Theophilus Gangmei, the statement further said.

A sumptuous Naga feast provided by the Naga people in the province of Siem Reap was one of the meeting's additional features, along with a tour to the historically significant Angkor Wat and Aquarium.

The annual ‘Nagas in Cambodia (NACAM) Meet’ was completed under the leadership of the outgoing NACAM leaders, Wibonbou Abonmai (president) and Yantsumongi Kikon (secretary), as well as other individuals volunteering in other roles. During the meeting, a new team of leaders was elected to serve for the next two years.

Relilel Tsükrü has been elected as president and Namchamwi Thiumai as secretary of NACAM. Other representatives are Lipyingo Kikon (Takeo), John Khing (Sihanouk Ville), Iris Kahmei  Khapai (Kampong Cham), Thang Leivon (Siem Reap) and Tokali Swu (Phnom Penh).