Negligence at Imkongliba Memorial Hospital, Mkg

It is not wrong to say that we all came to this world but to die. God our Creator has created us and it is His own wish that He take us again at His own appointed time. In fact, to die is a universal truth.

But, on the other hand, we live not just to die that’s the reason we go to hospital to check up our health; do everyway possible to live a little longer and doctors are the responsible persons to take good care of patients who came trusting in him/her.

For a helpless patient, doctors are more or less a second to God. Patient’s life is fully dependant on him/her. And I believed you have taken an oath in the course of your training to be merciful and take good care; do every best way possible to let patients to get well and live who came helplessly but hopeful for your mercy.

It was so painful to see none of you turned upon 26th Sept 05. to even have a glance of my late sister Limasangla who was lying in her delirium in particular and many other patients in general in the female medical ward. My late sister life could have been saved had the doctors been dutiful and faithful of their calling.

In fact, we remained in your hospital because you refused to refer to any other hospital. Nurses too are not exempted in regards to this act of negligence; they remained silent spectators inspite of our repeated plead to call doctors. Worse of all, you were not around in the hospital, so it is apparent that you waited for us to pick you up, and so we did it. Even then, you turned up rather too late; you put on the oxygen on her no doubt. But what’s the point when everything is too late? We put all our trust on to you only to witness our dear loving sister took her last breath in her trolley by the gate of operation theatre. The whole episode could have been diverted had you been dutiful.

There are pretty good number of doctor in different hospices who are rendering their selfless services for the cause of humanity. We are grateful to such doctors by us. But there are still many who failed to do as assigned.

To err is human; everybody does mistake and can be forgiven. But, we cannot and will not tolerate the kind of negligence on the parts of doctors as happened recently in Imkongliba Memorial Hospital, Mokokchung if it happens in the near future. 

Manen and Imti