NH-61 Two-Lane Issue: ‘Compensated building, other structures should be removed by owner within 10 days’

TR Zeliang inspecting the NH-61 from 72.40 Km to 83.00 Km, Wokha along with Department National Highway (PWD), other officials and Lotha Hoho. (Morung Photo)

TR Zeliang inspecting the NH-61 from 72.40 Km to 83.00 Km, Wokha along with Department National Highway (PWD), other officials and Lotha Hoho. (Morung Photo)

Morung Express News
Wokha | December 4

The Deputy Chief Minister & Minister in-charge of National Highways, TR Zeliang today visited and inspected the work on the widening of existing/intermediate lane road to two-lane road along the stretch road on NH-61 from Km 72.40 to Km 83.00 on NH-61. 

During the site inspection, the Dy CM was accompanied by Dr Chumben Murry, Advisor to Chief Minister along with the Department of National Highway PWD, District Administration, Lotha Hoho, Joint Action Committee (JAC), Lotha Students’ Union, Construction Company, Wokha Village Members.

After inspecting the site, the Dy CM held a meeting to interact and discuss regarding the long ongoing issue of NH-61.

All the officials, District Administration, Lotha Hoho, Contractors, Village Council member assembled at Hammock Resort to attend the meeting.

 During the meeting, Zeliang maintained that the grievances of the people were genuine and observed, ‘the execution of work without the completion of proper formalities was also one contributing factor for this issue.’

During the meeting, it was decided that starting tomorrow, the compensated building and other structures should be removed by the owner within a period of ten days, if not the Government will carry on with the demolition.

Zeliang also stated once the compensated land issue is settled, the department will verify, revisit and then all corrected measures will be taken up and the completion of work should not take more than four to five months. Speaking of the compensated unused land, Zeliang maintained that all compensated unused land now belongs to the government and it will be kept for future expansion

Joint Action Committee, Convener Chiben P Kikon sharing concern on the issue stated that it is almost two years since the road construction started yet there is no positive progress. He informed that the committee had identified 106 discrepancies which include drainage, culvert, walls and electrical pole unutilized compensated land within the stretch location. He also remarked that the committee with stand still until the road construction is completed according to the representation submitted to the Contractors and Deputy Commissioner. 

Meanwhile, Er I Tiameren, Chief Engineer (PWD) National Highway assured that as far as the department and the officials is concerned, the rectification work, the balance work and the identified rectification work which are yet to be taken up, and the department will give its best in supervising and implementing the project through spirit and reality.

After through discussion, it came to a decision that during the period of ten days, marking of the encroached areas will also be carried out. It was also been resolved that the contractors and company will resume the work by December 5 at the undisturbed areas.