NH29: Chümoukedima stretch declared as ‘No Litter Zone’

Dimapur, June 23 (MExN): Littering along the stretch of the National Highway 29 under Chümoukedima town will soon make a dent in your pocket or have you summoned for ‘community service.’ 

EAC and Chümoukedima Town Council Administrator Seyiekhrietuo Solo informed on June 23 that the area has been declared a ‘No Litter Zone’ making littering a punishable offense. 

“Anyone found littering or discarding/disposing waste in an improper fashion will be penalized an amount of Rs 1,000 or called for mandatory ‘community service’ in lieu of the penalties so prescribed,” the administrator stated in an order. 

“Littering or litter facilitates the spread of diseases... Improperly discarded thrash/waste can easily spread viruses, parasites and other pathogens either through direct or indirect contact,” the order stated. 

The order will be implemented through constant monitoring/checking by the ‘Anti-Litter Squad’ headed by Chümoukedima Town Council inspectors, it added.